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  1. Yari

    S> %res exo maged equipment

    Would buy if no signature, lel.
  2. I can sell it cheaper, just offer me some other price
  3. Yari

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

  4. Yari

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    That's some unusual shit going on over there, you could try but knowing Ankama you will be told to ditch Eni and move along
  5. I see what you did dere
  6. Thanks for info, thought I was the only one that experienced random crushes...
  7. I can sell you mine for 1/15 of that, decent stats
  8. Yari

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    So can u unlink this crown or not?
  9. As the topic says, buying big amounts of 140+ wood, paying the market average.
  10. Hello dofusplanners, this is a great site but in the last few months it went on and off and at times you couldn't even use it for several days straight. As of the last two months, there were like a few days where you could visit the website properly and actually do something. It's time to invest in a better server, really.