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  1. Yari

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    That's some unusual shit going on over there, you could try but knowing Ankama you will be told to ditch Eni and move along
  2. Thanks for info, thought I was the only one that experienced random crushes...
  3. I can sell you mine for 1/15 of that, decent stats
  4. Yari

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    So can u unlink this crown or not?
  5. As the topic says, buying big amounts of 140+ wood, paying the market average.
  6. Hello dofusplanners, this is a great site but in the last few months it went on and off and at times you couldn't even use it for several days straight. As of the last two months, there were like a few days where you could visit the website properly and actually do something. It's time to invest in a better server, really.
  7. Yari

    Redesign of Pets

    Yep, can't log-in also. Some people are online somehow though
  8. Yari

    Dofus 2.x Starter Pack

    Is this even legal? I mean, do we get banned for using it?
  9. This can be closed, got them.
  10. Ahoi Imps, if anyone is selling these pets for a decent price (Tanuk ~250kk, Blokus ~1mk) then I'm highly interested. Negotiations possible. Contact in-game: /w Souven. Cheers.
  11. You better sign up for that service if you still can because it's top notch!
  12. This guy is a pro, I can't even explain how smooth it went. Thumbs up, epic!
  13. Hello folks, I've been lurking on this forum since the beginning of my Dofus journey (playing for nearly 2 years now) and never really spoke here but concerning the current event (Dungeon Rusher or w/e) I'd like to know if anyone is doing Count Harebourg out of boredom maybe if not I may even end up paying you (sigh). Anyway, I'm up for it, I'll be online in the evening hours of central European time or so. Would really appreciate some help and maybe we could build some decent friendships from that point on. If you wish to contact me my name is Souven (200 Iop) on Echo server. Thanks for having me here and hopefully this forum is more alive than the community channel.