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  1. Class: HupperBuild: Omni ( prefer crit can also be no crit) Kamas/time available: ~ 800mkLvl range: 200Extra comments: My set is 2.5 years old and idk what to use now tbh. This set will be for pvm. Thanks!
  2. Class: Eca 200Build: OmniKamas/time available: 600mk. Can be more.Extra comments: Just came back after an almsot 2 year break, not really sure what is good right now.PvP or PvM oriented: PvM
  3. Thanks, I will get both sets and see which i like more. though i am leaning more towards agi/chance with high crit dmg
  4. Class: EcaflipBuild: Agi/Cha or Int/Agi/Cha or Omni ( is omni even worth anymore?)Kamas/time available: Unlimited, I just bought all eggs not name ivory.Extra comments: pretty much just came back and don't know what's up anymore. all my spells seem subpar compared to agi/cha.PvP or PvM oriented: Pvm
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