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  1. Up, still need some breedable males !
  2. Yo, As i'm back for a long break, and left all my DTs in bank ... well you know the end. So looking for DTs with decent trees, almost all gen needed (breedable ofc) PM Ace-dece or Argantael See ya
  3. Yo, i'll take order for new items, from feaster island, from the end of next week. For now, i'm going to start at 9m unmaged items, 10m maged. Items will be available in next 2 weeks. Mp me here or ig !
  4. Well, sad that it was on temporis...
  5. Well, good luck for finding one to sell on next week. I've the 2 firsts of echo, and linked 'till tuesday. Also, seems cheap af. Ebony's price will decrease fast, and will tend to 20-30m (my guesses), but definitely not the price on the first week/month.
  6. Muten is selling his, check his merch (Birmingham) at -2,-1 !
  7. Yo, Buying some pure & breedable DTs, need them fast so ready to pay well :3 Lokking for following races: Gold/Ginger Gold/Ebony Almond/Ebony Not very active ig atm, you can hit me up here, on discord, or mp saudades Thanks ! Edit: Bought, thanks !
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