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  1. OoUndead

    [Survey] The Internet & you !

    Hello there Reaper, Thank you for your feedback, really appreciated it. Even though it started very harsh, it ended up being very constructive and enjoyable. So i'll just come back on a few points you mention, even though I agree with most of what you said. This is usually the debate of the survey question "Agree/disagree". And I was aware of that, it just felt appropriate and quick enough for people to bother taking the survey. For the first question I asked here, I totally agree with what you said and my main goal is not to demonstrate that Internet will be the driving force of a global culture but instead be a "translator" and "mediator" of all or at least a big majority of them. The access to knowledge/culture of the rest of the world through internet is just .. vast. And it's this pathway i'm aiming at. The accessibility and the openness that you get from navigating through the Internet has an impact on your identity. You get your first contact with culture and society through your parents, then with people you meet at school and Friends when you grow up. Those are the 2 category that shapes your identity and who you are. And I believe with Internet being mixed with this second category , since young people are getting more and more exposed to Internet for longer period, Internet shapes the way you think and act as your friends/school would. So is it a third category or a 2nd bis one ... but this is the point i'm making when asking this question, in my point of view. For the second question, to be fair, it's absolutly not my opposite argument for my thesis, as you mentionned it doesn't make any sense on pure technical terms. Your example was perfect to be fair. I wrote it like that in order to start a conversation about it and see how people thinks. Mosly wondered if instead of Internet allowing you to open up to the world, some people would rather use it in order to strenghten their belief and get reassured, like the flat earth society. Which expanded a lot through Internet. For your last point, "basically have a universal religion, or lack thereof, it wouldn't be achievable. " I agree, I might be biased on that, I'm atheist and looking at the increasing evolution of number of atheist, it makes me want to believe that one day, at some point, religion will be gone. Or at least, the part of atheism being over 50% of the world population. (India, china, middle east, USA, might take some time, I agree with that) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q2 : True. Should have anticipated that. But raises the question, if you adopted the nationality of a country, have you adopted the culture of it ? Do you have a mix of both? Probably the latter. But people usually go for what they feel closest to I assume. Q6 : Ouch. Q8/9/10 : Main point here was to see how important those three aspect are for people. I've looked at some data, and some people cannot be off for more than 3 hours, it was very surprising. And when you look at the results, a pattern is showing up, from very likely to very unlikely. It starts being reverse at "Between 3 to 5 hours" for the platforms and internet whereas communication platforms reverse after "5 to 12 hours". "2 find out if they feel as though their time spent on the internet is excessive, appropriate, etc." I had thought about that one, should have included in it, but it felt like judging them for their time. But some feedback I got from people taking the survey was "It makes you reflect about how much time you spend on internet". Q11 : I had an american friend take the test, she didn't know what to answer for that one and suggested that I should add english native speaker option in case you feel unnafected by it. but if an english speaker strongly feel about he/She improved her english on the Internet, then he/she would go for strongly agree. On a personal note, I would think that it would worsen your english being on the internet :p Q12 : Agreed. As a "Ice breaker" it might not come up very often, since people would start off with basic personal information to see if there is something to start up the conversation upon. But I have travelled a lot as well, lived in 4 different countries, and when I meet people, I am bound to make a reference to an Internet subject. My point being, even though there is no point in talking about stranger things if you don't watch it, with the infinite topics that can be brought off from the internet, there will be something in common at some point. If not stranger things, maybe GoT, if not, maybe Breaking bad or TwD (If we stick to the series topic). If the person doesn't watch series, can talk about youtube, youtubers. Or some documentaries or even talk about video games... so many topics that there has to have one to talk about. if there was no internet, two people from two different cultures would only be speaking about themselves. Can be interesting, but for short conversation only. So as you mentionned afterward, exactly that : Q13/14 : Once again, true. The main point of those question is to see how much people are realising it. if they strongly agree with those statements, it means they realise how the internet works and that you are constantly exchanging culture and knowledge through communication and learning. It all comes down to the definition of culture of course, but if you stick with larger culture of a country or continent, it becomes interesting to learn about them. Q15 : Agreed. Realising now that it was poorly written. Cause the answer is obvious. of course you have the possibility. But the subquestion should have been, do you take this possibility ? Or do you stick to your own beliefs and don't go astray ? If I were to take the american gun people or flat earth, those would go for strongly disagree. But yes, badly written. Q16, I had not think about the AI example that is led to catastrophic results from its contact to people of the world. And I will definetly keep that in mind, thanks. Q18. Once again, you captured the question. I really do enjoy reading your answer. I have tried with a friend to communicate through gif and bitmoji, it is possible but obviously doesn't make much of a conversation, can't have a deep and serious communication through it. But you have the basic emotions/Feelings. but yes, the point was " terms of communicating a certain point/message (one way communication)". I was asked to focus on a certain trend that developped from the Internet in order to restrain the scope of the study. And GIF being born from the internet was a good trend imo. Because they have the particularity to be simple and to be universal. At least, some of them. So when a gif indicates a very explicit emotion, I believe it to be understandable from anyone. Because it reflects emotions that every individuals has. I might be wrong. Q20. Yeah my mistake for the use of "Growth". But most of the people will think growth as in positive growth. And it's implied in the question. but completly wrong for a survey to use subtext or common thinking of a use of a certain word. Completly agree with you on that, shouldn't have wrote it that way. All in all, thanks a lot for your feedback, i'll be able to mention some of the things you expressed here and go ahead in the writing by pointing out the mistake of the survey instead of them telling me what I did wrong. So, your answer was very beneficial for me =) !
  2. OoUndead

    [Survey] The Internet & you !

    Thanks a lot for your contribution ! Hmm, no it shouldn't supposed to happen .. Were you scrolling or clicking on "OK" ?
  3. OoUndead

    [Survey] The Internet & you !

    Thank you so much RollTheDice ! Every bit of help is really appreciated ! I hope so too to be honest, i'm struggling with finding people for the survey !
  4. Hey everyone ! I'm currently doing my master thesis on a very interesting topic, in my opinion. I have the feeling that Internet, in all its forms, brings us a wider scope of what could be a global culture. We all have our own culture from the country we're born but through our experiences and activities on the Internet , it feels that no matter where you are from, there is something that links us all together, the internet. Therefore, we can discuss with anyone in the world and exchange about stuff from the internet , such as Netflix, Youtube videos, Dofus, videogames, kitty cat funny compilation, memes, etc ! So i've done a survey to see how it goes, it will make you think about you and your relation with the Internet ! It literally just take 5 minutes and would help me sooo much for my thesis ! here's the link = > https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WorldCulture And i'd be interested knowing what you guys think about this ! Do you think Internet as what it takes to be a global culture for everyone ? Or on the opposite, you think it just tears us more and more apart from each other ? Thanks <3
  5. OoUndead

    Hey everyone !

    Hello there ! Quick presentation so I won't look impolite ! I'm Ooundead, server echo ! been playing at dofus for as long as it existed ahah. took a good 10 years break, started again, dropped off again ... I just come and go seeing the evolution of this game =D ! See you in game everyone =) OoUndead, the unicorn