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  1. Buy paddocks with 10 or more slots, their location doesn't matter, i'd like to buy up to 10 paddocks. Woof-Zwei
  2. Woof-Zwei

    [Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

    there is also a thing with -50% res (which is unbewitchable) i am not sure but its probably something with fire state
  3. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    My best time so far
  4. Woof-Zwei

    Laptop for multi

    I did a clear windows installation pretty much right after buying that laptop( there was useless shit i couldnt uninstall normal way), about lenovo products.. hmm they have a good ratio of performance/price, but i definietly won't say they have great builld quality...
  5. Woof-Zwei

    Laptop for multi

  6. Woof-Zwei

    Laptop for multi

    I am using lenovo y50-70, i7-4720HQ(2,6 ghz base but mostly runing at ~3,4), gtx 960m, 16GB ram and samsung 850 evo as ssd, performance in dofus is trash, its unplayable on 4 accs not even mentioning trying to play on 6 or 8( i was doing bethel zombie yesterday and it is unplayable). Idk if ankama fucked up something just as usual(because i was farming solar/bethel on score 8 loot few months ago without any problems on same laptop) Usage while standing somewhere in bonta/brakmar(7accs)
  7. Woof-Zwei

    Multi gaming tips!

    lazy nibba(╯ ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)╯┻━┻
  8. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Lend me 250mk and i will lend u 2 ivorys and my friendship 100% legit no scam
  9. Woof-Zwei

    How long does Dofus have left?

    I had a great plan to make 28 characters so 7 of my accounts would have x4 xp(main would be at x1 getting more xp for ranking). I wanted to do so to do a challenge like xping guild from lvl 1 to 200 in 48 hours or so. But when i was xping my last character(or last 2) i found out that xp multiplier doesnt affect xp that goes to the guild, it was that moment when i lost motivation to keep grinding XD
  10. Woof-Zwei

    How long does Dofus have left?

    u mean dofus?
  11. Woof-Zwei

    How long does Dofus have left?

    Legit guy XDD
  12. Woof-Zwei

    How long does Dofus have left?

    it's sad truth, some time ago i tried to find inspiration to get some dungeons achivements (well im ouginak main so he is a must to be in team) aaand yeah i can't hide it, ouginak is pretty useless in many achivements( maybe not useless but any other class probably would be better, maybe sac would be even more useless in some cases but not sure). So let's say i was looking for video with protozoror statue or barbaric, aand if i remember right there was only one different video that didn't use elio tactic, eeevery single video used the damn panda elio enu... (and usually iop/cra ofc). Most videos are done pretty much same compositons (usually cra enu panda eni or sth similiar). I also tried to abuse lavasmith aaaand do vortex score + impertinence in the same run(payos and some other shit) but as I am lazy after ~20 fails I decided to do it seperately with different tactic. Similiar with ilyzaelle i saw many 'autowins' using elio but was that really autowin? they kinda blitzed her to 75% hp t2.. it was boring. So i decided to blitz to 75% hp 1st turn(using panda elio ougi(agi +stripping) and usually 2 random chars) (i actually made elio just because i thought it might be useful for me) and it was probably the only dungeon that i used it XD I started to play in march 2017, i made another 3 chars few months later, i found it quite hard at the beggining to do some dungeons, but i managed to earn kamas, get better items and i got some basic info about monsters (its not really necessary to know everything, just basics like does it attack in melee/mid or high range). For example doing QoT first time took me like 9 hours to understand pretty well what's going on. Some compositions just fit better for certain dungeons (actually achivements cuz with good enough items its kinda impossible to fail a dungeon for simple pass without any achivements (u'll eventually get it done after some tries (maybe even 20-40)). For example i went with 2 mp rape chars + dmg cra + ougi for protozoror statue or barbaric. But for score i went with sac panda ougi eni and just and just tanked it. Both ways are possible to complete dungeon (well cc team + barbaric wouldn't be good idea for proto). Most duos are possible to get done easily with anychar + panda/enu/cra (not even mentioning that for example @masik233 can solo em all with rogue XD) but let's say not many ppl are such tryhards so these chars are useful.
  13. Woof-Zwei

    How long does Dofus have left?

    There is nothing wrong with using dreggon hat in pvm, trust me. That is true what u said about people losing interest, but what i meant is some people just leave the game because someone throws a gossip like 'um this game is dying dont play it's not worth it' i played many games and i saw ppl like that. My post could be received as offensive but its not what i meant. Tbh I am at that point where i just log in and check paddocks XD