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  1. Hi I am selling some rhineetles 0/1 0/2 1/2 matings, mostly 3rd and 4th gen (there are some 2nd gens aswell) They are at: [-37,-56] Woof-Acht [-37,-55] Woof-Achtzehn prices: 100kk 1st & 2nd gen 0/1 1/2 150kk 1st & 2nd gen 0/2 325kk 3rd gen 0/1 1/2 475kk 4th gen 0/1 1/2 500kk 3rd gen 0/2 750kk 4th gen 0/2 1,25mk almond and ginger / ivory and turquoise 0/2 2mk or more chameleons 0/1 0/2 1/2
  2. Woof-Zwei

    Idols and exp places for Rogue/Sadi duo

    You can try killing pazpartu/levitrof in enurado, they dont have any melee attacks so you can just buff their melee damage and block them
  3. Woof-Zwei

    S> 7x crocobur

    Sell crocobur swords 60mk/each
  4. Woof-Zwei

    Sell rhineetles

    Hi, i am selling 1000 rhineetles, most of them are 0/2 or 0/1, some have 1/2(there is also 1 sterile here). Many of them contain 3rd or 4th generation in the trees. Some of them have full stats/stats loaded partly etc. More screens in link below. Price is 60mk for all of that. I could also just exchange them into rhineetle horns but i feel like it would be a waste, because some trees are quite good(but i have way too many of them so i need to do the cleaning sometimes) and it would be a great starter pack for someone who wants to get rhineetle achivements. https://imgur.com/a/tJlAzMG here are screenshoot of trees of randomly selected rhineetles Woof-Zwei discord Woof#8912
  5. Woof-Zwei

    B> paddocks 10 or more slots

    Bump, preferably 15 slot ones, paying 35mk for 15 slots.
  6. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Fyred Ampe's Pickaxe, it wasnt too useful anyway
  7. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    3 days of trying over and over (atleast i learnt basics of sadida)
  8. Woof-Zwei


    It crashes anyway..
  9. Woof-Zwei


    Does it work for multi acc?
  10. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    'Only' five more gens XD
  11. Woof-Zwei

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  12. Woof-Zwei

    lf bethel leech 4m or what say you [CLOSE]

    I am not a cunt but i am able to do it
  13. Woof-Zwei

    S> Crocobur

    It was changed in 2.49, dunno why they did it, they only changed the name of it...
  14. Woof-Zwei

    S> Crocobur

    Sell crocobur, 80mk Woof-Zwei