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  1. It's been a while since my last flex so here is something. (couldn't find all the screenshots)
  2. I am offering rhineetle achivement leeching. 1-10th gen 150mk pm me in game Woof-Zwei discord Woof#8912
  3. Meat: prices similiar to average pm in game if u wanna buy some Octodoll 7kk Silyrus 25kk Tryde 2,5kk Crabtun 9kk Pm me in game or check woof-zweiundzwanzig at [1,1]
  4. Since there was no one intresed in buying rhins farm i am selling rhineetles separately breedable rhineetles woof-drei: 7-8gen 2,5-3 mk [-31,37] woof-acht: wilds/1-6 gen rhins with mixed trees 1,1-2,5 mk [-31,37] woof-sieben: pure tree 1,69-25 mk [-31,37] steriles 9/10th gen and cheap rhineetle horns [0,0] Woof-Sechs
  5. Sell sterile 9th and 10th gen rhineetles. Price 10mk each. Chamo 15mk
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