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  1. Fallanster 100mk Jhessica 80mk
  2. Woof-Zwei

    Exchange rhineetles

    I want to exchange 4th gen rhineetles with decent trees for 1st gens pure tree or for ebony rhineetles with atleast good trees Trees of 4th gens are like that:
  3. Woof-Zwei

    Temporal Anomalies

    This is completely fine, leeching won't die, it will be either slower depends how much negative stars gonna affect the xp or it will get back to normal -> for example 4 hitters 4 leechers in other areas than xelo/korri
  4. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Small step forward
  5. Rip dofusbook is only in french;-;
  6. Hi I am selling some breedable rhineetles 3rd/4th gen. Merchant at: [-37,-56] Woof-Achtzehn prices: 325kk-500kk 3rd gen 475kk-750kk 4th gen 1mk or more chameleons
  7. Woof-Zwei

    Idols and exp places for Rogue/Sadi duo

    You can try killing pazpartu/levitrof in enurado, they dont have any melee attacks so you can just buff their melee damage and block them
  8. Woof-Zwei

    S> 7x crocobur

    Sell crocobur swords 60mk/each