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  1. Looking for group for protozoror barbaric. I am very useful ouginak (and a legit friend of humans unlike cats), I can have str/int/agi/cha set w/e would be needed. Preferable quality players that atleast have idea of what to do. In theory i can come with more chars (but ougi is a must) (actually pretty much any char except fogger and feca cuz i don't have them) Woof-Zwei // edit got koutoulou impertinence, count statue, vortex score and impert, tal kasha focus and statue, proto statue
  2. Woof-Zwei

    S> Resources [CLOSED]

    Hi, im selling some resources, mostly solar/bethel monster's resources, more info in screens. (Price for not boss resources is 0,8*Avg price, for boss resources it's 0,9*average price) Molekound hormone 1,5mk each IGN Woof-Zwei // out of Micrab Armour
  3. Hi, im selling 3 molekounds 11% critical 220 vitality 7,5mk each IGN Woof-Zwei /sold
  4. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Last duo I was missing
  5. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Two more duos Ilyzaelle took a lot of tries but i got it somehow, protoz'orror actually didn't take as many tries as I thought.
  6. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Both duos second try.
  7. Woof-Zwei

    Post your goals and achievements

    Only sylargh left
  8. Woof-Zwei


    Woof woof im new here.