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  1. Can confirm this is one of the rare items returned during Goultarminator. It is rumored the wearer posses incredible luck, and has the effect of permanently stealing a random piece of equipment from every character in the opposing team. Highly collectible, easily worth 100M+.
  2. I'd like an Amethyst and Almond Rhineetle, please.
  3. So you were fine with chatting with me for years until I called you out on your bullshit one day? Same for Doom who's bought many of my leeches and thanked me every time. xd
  4. Imagine the ego of someone who goes around calling people scammers while having 5 bans and 20 warning points himself. Hilarious.
  5. You're assuming everyone will forever play Retro now. It's a new server, and people just want to rush it for a little bit, just like they did with Temporis. Once they get bored, they return to Echo. Feel free to argument how good the Retro/1.29 community is, and how fun it is. Don't bullshit people, though, that's just a disservice to the English community. According to Statofus (AFAIK, the most accurate way to track a server's population), the Echo population basically hasn't changed since May 2018. And what bots are you talking about lol? Why are exaggerating so much about everything? 3
  6. Ogrines are 1KK each, the world is ending.
  7. Granted! It does knock everybody's socks off. It's been 5 years since anyone's been able to wear socks without having them knocked off. Everyone has to walk in sandals in order to avoid skin rashes from regular footwear. I wish the next poster can't resist the urge to post a funny GIF in their response.
  8. Granted. I wish girls were real.
  9. Just to clarify - if you prefer the music and graphics of 1.x over 2.x, and the average age of 1.x is a lot higher than 2.x, that means there's obviously nostalgia at play. By the way, hi Youb, Emil here, long time boi :^) Not trying to bash anyone choosing to play 1.x. I'm saying it's an awful long term strategy to split up the community so much in a game that requires an active server to be relatively playable. I've quit before, for several months, and never had problems picking up the game. You arguing 1.x is better only bases off the facts that you like it be
  10. TLDR: I'm venting, not worth reading. I started to write out an answer listing the countless ways 1.x is inferior, but quickly realized You're, in my opinion, simply dwelling in nostalgia. Randomly hearing the Pokemon theme song gets me nostalgic as fuck, despite it being a stupid sounding song with dumb lyrics. I've no problems with players choosing to play 1.x. I've a problem with Ankama allowing for that to happen, and not advancing their own game, as well as correcting errors of the past, like removing alliances, coming up with a balanced headhunter system ('cause,
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