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Abraham Van Helsing

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  1. Abraham Van Helsing

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    How did you get it by the way?
  2. Abraham Van Helsing

    Temporal Anomalies

    Updates are getting better and better. Personally, I'm all for the reduced XP and drop rate. It's gotten way out of control and people are just used to it. Right now if I need to collect a few uncommon quest drops, I slap on some idols and get them all in a mob or two, that's pretty ridiculous. Yes, they're lowering the average XP and Drop rate bonus which was needed for a long time. I'd argue quest drops shouldn't be affected by idols or any drop multipliers at all, in fact. And as for the mechanics of it, namely, dependant on the activity within the area - how is this not the best solution to leeching? It's about as perfect as it gets. If an area is so easy that you can grind it with leechers, well, I'm sorry, but you deserve the XP and drop malus.
  3. Abraham Van Helsing

    Post your goals and achievements

    3 gearless leechers + sidekick. This is a Count/Klime run with 200 Score, Nomad and Limpwrist (For Klime), done as a 4v8. Went in thinking it's impossible, apparently not.
  4. Abraham Van Helsing

    Homemade Gobball Cake

    Wow, this is wholesome as h̶e̶l̶l̶ heck, good job!
  5. Abraham Van Helsing

    omg qued legit quitting???

    from Quadro: I'm actually quitting to become full time mod c: from Bvlgari: from Quadro: i'm actually a grill irl :^) exposed sry Well, you already sort of know my thoughts, but all in all, shame to see you leave, definitely part of some of the best players, not just skill-wise, but also community-wise. Won't go into some sentimental shit, I, as many others, will obviously miss seeing you around. Best of luck with your studies, hopefully you find the time and motivation to come back one day. Also, I am now officially the only player left on Echo who overuses :^)
  6. Abraham Van Helsing

    Post your goals and achievements

    I can answer that - Xelorium mobs (tha Strength/lock Pandawa thing with the idols) with 7 leechers equal-ish to the guild's level.
  7. Abraham Van Helsing

    Wintabber Alternative

    Alt + Escape switches between active windows. If you want other programs in the background, create a new desktop (Win button + Tab). No clue why people use Alt + Tab, it's shit.
  8. Abraham Van Helsing

    Selling dreams/items

    You are my dream fragment, Mitsu
  9. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying all full soul/arch stones for EH

    Basically so my lazy butt can pay for the whole thing. Willing to pay with Ochre + kamas, or just kamas.
  10. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying all full soul/arch stones for EH

    Someone's started working on them, can be closed.
  11. Abraham Van Helsing

    Dungeon Leeching Service

  12. Abraham Van Helsing

    Dungeon Leeching Service

    Hoi! Leeching the following dungeons: Merkator (Mystique, Last) Dantinea (Last, Statue) Queen of Thieves (First) Vortex (Focus) Catseye (Limpwrist) Solar (Focus, Versatile) Bethel (Mystique, Zombie) Dazahk Freezammer (Freedom) Ilyzaelle (Freedom) Missiz Freezz (Nomad, Tight, 200 Score) Sylargh (Hermit, 200 Score) Nileza (Last, Limpwrist, 200 Score) Klime (Limpwrist, Nomad, 200 Score) Count (Versatile, Statue, 200 Score) The Fantastic Five (Eminent Fighter ornament) Qu'Tan Prices vary. For the sake of giving a price it's generally 2 to 5M for a dungeon/achievement. /w Quinotaur for specifics.
  13. Abraham Van Helsing

    Ankama Shield Stuck on "Adding a Computer"

    Clear your cache, heard that helps.
  14. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying K2L Mask and Cloak of a 1000 Excuses, 451-500 Vit

    Close, please
  15. Looking for Vit overmaged K2L mask, price highly depends on the stats, of course, willing to pay 60M for 12/12 Damage, 495-500 Vit, 65+ Str, 21+ Wis, 2 CH, 20+ CR, 10/10 Resis. Optimal stats for Cloak of a Thousand excuses as well, naturally max resistance, 17/17 Damage (obviously paying more for 18, but even looking for this much Vit is a stretch), 98+ Strength, 495-500 Vitality, 6 CH, 15 CR. Willing to pay 70M for these stats. If you've a Cloak or Mask with similar stats (has to be more than 100 Vitality Over), I'll still consider it.
  16. Abraham Van Helsing

    S> 7x crocobur

    At least it's not 300M each
  17. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying Tatouh

    Surely someone must have one? Don't remember how much exactly they went for, but I suppose I'll start with 5M for a statless one.
  18. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying Tatouh

    Can be closed, that was fast.
  19. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying Tatouh

    This Eloah nerd watches weeb af anime, don't sell him anything
  20. Temporis servers do seem like they're filling up quickly, but realistically people will be gone within the first few days unless they offer decent rewards. Quite literally pointless to play without good ceremonials (Karne petsmount ceremonial? ) 'cause you don't keep anything. Does anyone know if we have to use the potion on the same class as Temporis or can we choose the class? I imagine it would simply be linked to the account. If it was linked to a char, we could just class change for 50 Ogrines.
  21. Abraham Van Helsing

    Dungeon service

    Awfully nice of you, if you've any troubles with some newer dungeons, feel free to message me for some tips :^) Good luck!
  22. Abraham Van Helsing

    Let's discuss character progression in dofus.

    Dofus has got to be one of the mechanic richest strategic games I've ever seen or heard of. Each class not only has tons of spells that upon a certain condition become more powerful (AoE spells, Telefrag, movement spells, etc.), but mobs also have different mechanics; we can't have a bunch of Gobballs scaled to the player's level, always with 4 MP and using Contusion. I agree with most of what you're saying, but things like Idol nerfs HAD to be done. We had 8 Sadida teams clearing a mob in under a minute with 500 Score Idols, same goes with Cras. Lately there's talk of a Strength Panda soloing a high loot Xelorium mob with 300+ Idols on with 7 leechers. That's not healthy for the game, those are just loopholes to be abused, and should've been removed. Having started from nothing 4 times, and leeching guild XP from time to time, I can surely say that XP is more balanced than it has ever been. If a player wishes to sell ogrines to get to endgame, it's fine with me. Are we gonna act like Dofus is the only game where you can buy your way to the top? In fact, I think that's healthy for the company. Leveling by quests and achievements, however, is also a great option, and you'll never fall behind. What I'm trying to say - Dofus has TONS of mechanics. Given the massive amount, there's bound to be place for abuse, and Ankama is right in nerfing Idols and farm teams. In my eyes Dofus has gone from character growth to player growth. You're not a good player for grinding out shit and having all the best gear, you're a good player if you know all the mechanics you're up against, how all the classes work, how PvM works, heck, even how quest fights work. This sort of player growth is in my opinion a lot cooler and isn't something you can buy, it's something you have to do and learn yourself, no video will truly teach you, no kamas will buy you that knowledge. Character growth is non-existent. I can go in a fight, use Bark on my Ouginak, and some geared out, Ivory'd players still have no clue what it does, and still release me despite the Unshakable state. I think this is actually one of the things Ankama have done right - rewarding work by making you a better player, not a more powerful character.
  23. Abraham Van Helsing

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    You can't, it's permanently linked to your account.
  24. Abraham Van Helsing

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    When you leech someone through Ilyzaelle Freedom and they drop Minowang.
  25. Abraham Van Helsing

    Kwismas Spirit