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Abraham Van Helsing

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  1. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buy Skullcrasher / Perfidoclier Code

    No I am buying one
  2. Abraham Van Helsing

    S> Exo rings (nidas,king playa, BearbBand,Shylocks)

    Hello, is the Nidas Ring still for sale?
  3. Abraham Van Helsing

    Ladies, I'm single

    Quadro is a knowledgeable player who frequently goes on a 'hiatus', but is always active on Impsvillage and never seems to miss any news/updates on Dofus itself. Is it just me or is Quod the Mod hiding something from us?
  4. Abraham Van Helsing

    [Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

    nerd ty for info tho
  5. Abraham Van Helsing

    Perma Ban Scam (echo)

    *puts on detective hat & coat* Surely the guy is pretending to speak broken English. Looks obvious as fuck if you ask me. "singed" .. my French is shit, for example, but if I was trying to scam frenchies, I wouldn't say "Saltu, done gear por goultramintaor". Looks like a poor attempt at masking the players talking patterns, just like I sound like me when writing. Makes me wonder who that is. Must be someone with a good reputation, otherwise there would be no point hiding.
  6. Abraham Van Helsing

    Echo Tournaments Season One [TOURNAMENT]

    /w Defuse ur team sucks. if u need help just let me know EDIT: sry wc
  7. Abraham Van Helsing

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Didn't notice it was Marko. Errr, what I meant to say is...forget all the math, it's for nerds hahahahahaha. Go 40% all or delete char
  8. Abraham Van Helsing

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Say someone averages 2000 damage per turn on you. The 3% resistance will reduce the damage you take by approximately 60. Let's say the builds are evenly distributed and assume all 5 elemental hits are as popular as the other, which means only approximately 60/5=12 damage reduced per turn on average, assuming you even got hit. Even though Neutral damage is less popular, we could just count Neutral and PB builds together with Neutral, I think it's fair to divide 60 by 5, which accounts for how often you'll be hit in the earth element. -16 critical resistance will save you approximately 8*(amount of swings). If you get hit for 2000, those were most likely AT LEAST 2 swings, most likely a ton more. Crit build Masqs would make it 5 swings. Iops would make it even more swings, I'm sure. The 8 comes from assuming the caster has only a 50% crit build, which is rather low. How is 3% Earth better than 16 Crit resis?
  9. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying Gobbalator

    Buying Gobbalator IDK what the price is anymore. 5M? Message me your price. Quinotaur, guy who's buying Gobbalator #BuyingGobbalator
  10. Abraham Van Helsing

    Random Screenshots

    *COUGH COUGH* This is my main *COUGH* not sure what you mean. *nervous laugh*
  11. Abraham Van Helsing

    Random Screenshots

    7 months, almost 1.5K hours. Not sure if I should be proud.
  12. Abraham Van Helsing

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    That Polish-English killed the joke.
  13. Abraham Van Helsing

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    Maybe it'll add a temporary spell. Would be even cooler than stats IMO. Something like Necronyx. Maybe a 0 or 1 AP spell with infinite range and no line of sight that reduces the target's final damage by 10% for a turn with a 2 turn cooldown. Not terribly OP, but useful in PvP and PvM as well as something original.
  14. Never seen a mage like this, no idea what to ask. I guess I'll say 15M, negotiable of course. /w Quinotaur
  15. Abraham Van Helsing

    Laptop for multi

    It's not so much dependent on the specs, there's more to it that even I don't know. From my experience it's almost borderline random. You should be shooting for a powerful CPU generally, but a crappier i5 could do a better job than some of the best i7's sometimes. I personally have a laptop with an i5 quad-core, overclocked to 3.3Ghz and GTX 1050ti with 8GB Ram. I play on the lowest settings/no spell animations due to that being the most efficient way of playing a team and I've had like, I think, 17-ish clients open at the same time once while still playable. While running 4 with those settings, lag is absolutely non-existent and you can do your turns in literally a second. I've ran 8 clients with non-monster mode and medium flash quality, it slowed down my gameplay but I wouldn't call it lagging. Just loading maps and shit, really. I personally always play in creature mode and lowest settings. If you decide to play on low settings and get a decent Quad-core I5 with 2.5Ghz+ and a gtx 1050-ish GPU, 8GB Ram, you'll run 4 accounts like it's minesweeper.