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Abraham Van Helsing

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  1. Abraham Van Helsing

    Dungeon Leeching Service

    Hoi! Leeching the following dungeons: Merkator (Mystique, Last) Dantinea (Last, Statue) Queen of Thieves (First) Vortex (Focus) Catseye (Limpwrist) Solar (Focus, Versatile) Bethel (Mystique) Dazahk Freezammer (Freedom) Ilyzaelle (Freedom) Missiz Freezz (Nomad, 200 Score) Sylargh (Hermit, 200 Score) Nileza (Last, Limpwrist, 200 Score) Klime (Limpwrist, Nomad, 200 Score) Count (Versatile, Statue, 200 Score) The Fantastic Five (Eminent Fighter ornament) Prices vary. For the sake of giving a price it's generally 2 to 5M for a dungeon/achievement. /w Quinotaur for specifics.
  2. Abraham Van Helsing

    Post your goals and achievements

    Lend me an Ivory for Bethel & Solar duos, I'll be your BFF
  3. Abraham Van Helsing

    S> Ivory 95m

    94M6 + Major Miracle Man?
  4. Abraham Van Helsing

    Help on Lavasmith Dofus Questchain ?

    You can just /w me for help next time, no need to post on Imps :^) Just message me some time I'm online
  5. Abraham Van Helsing

    How long does Dofus have left?

    Yes. I know plenty of people who aren't years old players and just leeched to the endgame and enjoy the content there is. The game would be more lively if there were many lower level players doing stuff together and enjoying/learning the game that way, because content-wise Ankama clearly knows what they're doing. People are just unnecessarily negative. At the same time, they keep playing this game for years.
  6. Abraham Van Helsing

    How long does Dofus have left?

    1. Firstly, about classes in PvM. Different, interesting classes with various playing styles & different, interesting dungeon/PvM mechanics; choose one. I have an Agility Ouginak for PvM and I absolutely love it. Probably one of the best classes for Bethel and just regular mobs. Do I use it in Solar or Missiz, for example? Well, no, that class' playing style is shit for their mechanics. Eliotropes are just pointless in Versatile, for example, so I almost never use mine in that case, and can still perfectly fine complete dungeons without a Rogue or Eliotrope. I've no clue how people think classes are still restricted in PvM. You can't expect to have crazier and crazier dungeon mechanics, yet still have all of them favour every build and class. 2. Secondly, as for lower levels leeching to high levels. How come kama selling website have more advertisements than Dofus itself? If Ankama doesn't change their priorities with the game, Dofus is doomed to completely die. > New player joins the game > Literally no one around > They still maybe play for a little bit > Not a single player they come across is their level > Move away 2 maps within a Bank or a Zaap and you usually won't find a player on that map. You think they're gonna stick around for long? Quests and dungeons are interesting, they do tell a story and its important to not have this game just be a 5V0 Perceptor defence simulator. The root of the problem is that low level players have no one to play with due to no advertising and endless support for the endgame content, none for the low level ones. I remember knowing exactly what gear I'd use once my team hit X level all the way up until Lv. 110-ish. There's like no gear to choose from for the lower levels and no one to play with. I'm not very MMORPG savvy, but maybe you guys can name me a popular MMORPG without any low levels and everyone instantly leeching to the endgame. If there's still people who bother leeching to the endgame and still playing, it means the game itself is good and has potential.
  7. Abraham Van Helsing

    Archbishop Erzal

    If you still need this, I'll help you. Though doubt we'll have the time to do it tonight. If you see me online, do give me a /w anyway. Sicilian-Dragon.
  8. Abraham Van Helsing

    How long does Dofus have left?

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Dofus badly needs a bigger server merge with the French servers to make one or two super-servers as well as proper chat moderation, meaning restrictions on that %off spam, kama selling shit etc. I literally have /b and /r closed almost always due to all this pointless spam. The game's content isn't bad, I think people are focusing on the wrong aspects when talking about what's wrong with the game. If it was truly that bad, you'd have left. There's tons of players who haven't even heard of 1.29. I know of players who have come from Dofus Touch, preferring the PC version. The problem is that this game requires 'players' to be played. Imagine how fun questing or PvM, or group PvP would be with a huge super-server and moderators doing their job. You could open /r, look for a group to do whatever the fuck, Shadow, for example, and you'd find multiple players wanting it done, without having to beg for days, due to the sheer amount of players in the super-server. Dofus has the community split up as if we have millions of players. I've gone through all of the content from Lv.1 to endgame without a multiplier, starting from zero kamas, on 6 separate occasions, 2 of those as a solo accounter and 4 as a multiaccounter. I can confidently say that the content is fine, in fact great. It's the utter lack of people that's killing the game. I understand that there's people who wouldn't want to merge with French servers because.....they don't speak English? Is that it? Is the Dofus community really so stuck up its own ass that they'd rather have the game die instead of playing with another community?
  9. Abraham Van Helsing

    Help on Lavasmith Dofus Questchain ?

    I am not doing the quest, but I have, however, successfully helped another person with this before without being on the same step. /w Sicilian-Dragon, I'll find time to help you with the fight, I'll bring all 4 characters needed.
  10. Abraham Van Helsing

    Need help with Qu'Tan fight [brakma 86]

    /w Sicilian-Dragon whenever you see me online, would be glad to find time and help.
  11. Abraham Van Helsing

    Buying Vulbis Dofus

  12. Abraham Van Helsing

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    > Panda has some crap 3% Water overmage Pawl Amu > I figure I should mage it to like 450-500 Vitality instead > Buy runes > Slap one Ra Vit > Best magus Echo
  13. Abraham Van Helsing

    Post your goals and achievements

    That guy suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
  14. Abraham Van Helsing

    Best idol meta

    Depends on your team. If you're a close combat team with low mobility, use a few Payos, Proxima, Ougaa and Aroumb. Effectively a regular close combat fight with a few handicaps that I personally don't find a big deal. I know this bumps you up to 210-25X score, I even use this setup in an Elio team and it works fine. If you're looking to play from range, the idols will depend on the enemies - If the enemies can deal decent ranged damage then go with close combat damage idols + a -HP idol or a Payo of your liking. This will also put you at 200+. However, if you're playing range and the enemies generally won't reach you, use overall and close combat damage damage boosting idols as well as a ton of -HP crap. This'll get you higher than the idol setups mentioned above. That's the general idea for balancing the idols to fit your team, I'd say. Edit: As for the highest no matter how hard it gets? I'd reconsider that statement. You won't win endgame mobs on an average map if I add a bunch Behelits and Major Dynamos. If you want an effective drop rate or XP for whatever you're leveling, consider making an idol setup for specific maps and your team. There's nothing general any team at all could effectively use. Not to my knowledge at least.