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  1. @Tamamo-no-Mae Thefak, you still active?
  2. Granted, but you spilt some fizzy drinks on the extended part, and now its all sticky. I wish my wish is so clever that no one can come up with a downside.
  3. > Scour posts in rare drops > Me hoping he finally dropped them > 1/6 done It's something, congrats
  4. That's correct, only with the same name. It's technically linked to your name forever. It's possible to ''give it to someone else'' by breaking the ToS and doing stuff I won't tell you, as this would require the person to trust trade you, which opens the potential for scamming as well as accounts getting banned. Long story short - it's your shield, and it's linked. Not meant for sale.
  5. Showing us the amount was enough, didn't have to flex the estimated price :^(
  6. Starting to think you've not reached the Paragon step yet
  7. β€œExplaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.” ― E.B. White
  8. *trying hard to not make a Timeless joke*
  9. The is the advice and good gamme
  10. I wonder how a good marketing team could change this. Or, it's rather a question of whether or not Ankama would be interested in that. The tight community aspect of the game has clearly fallen apart completely and no new blood is being brought into the game. If my memory serves right, even servers like Solar had more forum activity than Echo does now despite Solar having a lot less players than Echo does now. I remember, during one of the dungeon rushers, I believe Count Harebourg, I saw .. seemingly tens of teams I had never heard of before, all taking up the dungeon rusher event. Having completed it, I never saw them again. Seems like many of the players turn up for very rare events and then bounce. Simply because the community isn't as active and fun to interact with. More community activities and events, as well as a solid marketing budget could still do wonders to the game, I reckon.
  11. Been playing on a Lv. 110 PvP Ouginak. Very fun, 'cause all you get are higher levels. Haven't seen <130 levels in ages; mostly 150-190. Just hit 3.2K 1v1 Rating, curious how far I'll be able to go. All gear is overmaged just about as high as possible. 3167 HP.
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