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  1. Hi everyone, i need you help to rebuild my PvM Team. Came back after a long break and geared my Cra and Iop. Now im trying to get a full 4 man Team for Endgame Content. What I have Cra 200 Omni Iop 200 Int Panda 200 no Set atm. What build would you suggest? (Would prefer a rather budget Set for the start (around 50mk?) Number of new accts: 1 Goal: PVM all of the content preferably with 200 Score Leaning toward: I dont rly mind. Just want a 4. Char to complete endgame content. Maybe an Int Eni, a Masq or Eca? What elements and builds would you guys suggest? And i guess build also depends a bit on the panda build to fill all elements. additional Notes: If someone can also suggest a 200 idol setup for dungeons it would be highly appreciated. I was kind of leaning towards str panda because filthipind is broken, but i was using range idols before cause cra and int iop hit from range and i dont know how this would work with a CC Panda then.. Any advice is highly appreciated.
  2. Class: Panda Team: Int/Agi/Cha Cra 200Build: Ranged Build either Str or Cha or Multielement?Kamas/time available: ~50mk just Turq / Crimson / Watchers thoLvl range: 200PvP or PvM oriented Pvm
  3. Hi, im trying to get back into the game after 4 years and looking to get my Cra a decent set, maybe any1 got good ideas / some advice Class: CraBuild: Played full Strength for years / open for other ideas thoKamas/time available: ~15mk but got a lot of timeCurrent team: soloLvl range: 200Extra comments: I know im quite poor, got no dofus or exo stuff, so a half decent but cheap set for the beginning would be appreciatedPvP or PvM PvP & PvM
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