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  1. Thank you, Goatee. Will check it out tomorrow after work
  2. Well, I'm using the premium version of TunnelBear, but the free version has access to the same servers, only with a data limit. Oh well, time to look into Corporate VPN's :D
  3. Thank you for the replies. Got worried there for a minute because of Almanax Quests :D
  4. Alright, update. I swapped server from Netherlands to Germany and it logs in just fine. What the hell? :D
  5. Good evening, I've ran into the problem of my main account (linked to Steam) being banned a couple of hours ago. Didn't even notice until I decided to log-in to check if I did today's Almanax offering. Already submitted a ticket to Ankama Support. Can this be due to me using TunnelBear as a VPN? The current hotel I'm staying in has blocked ports for most gaming platforms (Steam, uPlay, World of Tanks, Origin) and I must use a VPN to be able to play. Staying here for ~5-6 more weeks. It really sucks that I will lose the progression (quests) of Almanax. The following
  6. Top kek nerf. Thx Ankama :^) And I got a new question for you guys: If I buy myself (let's say a [Guild Shield]) a Shield with an AP or MP on it, will it work like a fully normal item? Are there any restrictions left (PvP resists stat only or something) or is this now safe to do? Thinking about going 12/5 instead of 11/5 by just buying a +AP Guild Shield. Thank you!
  7. Hey there! I was wondering if there are players of DBFZ amongst you guys here? Would be great to play some matches or just train together from time to time!
  8. Is it just me, or are the rewards for treasure hunts always 1 chests now?
  9. Lovely, thanks! Would you mind if I made a spreadsheet for myself in Excel?
  10. I would suggesting asking in /g or /a, it's reasonably hard to find people (teams) who would replace one of their characters with a random person. People also like to avoid any possible failures because of lack of knowledge (in that particular dungeon) so I'd suggest watching Veldin's videos or memorizing the Wikia page of the dungeon you need to run. Kind regards and good luck!
  11. Curious - is there perhaps an online tool that can help with tracking all the quests completed and remaining? Like a huge list where you just tick off the completed ones. An Excel Spreadsheet or something would also do fine. I know there used to be one with EH Archmonsters, where you either get the Spreadsheet or tick the souled ones on the website.
  12. No, not by hand. I used DofusGo to export every single item that I need to get for the set and compiled a big Excel list of all the materials I need for the set. I just checked the prices in the markets and entered them into the list so I get the expected cost if I need to buy stuff. I'll put a screenshot in the spoiler: I saw someone do it this way a couple of years ago and it's actually quite easy to keep track of everything. When I get the resource, I just put it into HB Chest and mark it here.
  13. I've made a spreadsheet with all the materials I have to farm. Price checks out at around 30-35MK (if I'd buy them). That's ideal for me, already started with pebble farm and trophy resources.
  14. Thank you very much! I can't believe this works without an exo or two
  15. Thank you! Didn't know such a site existed
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