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  1. Consider yourself muted.
  2. But does your guild have the best ecaflip of the world in it ?
  3. [Partners in Crime] is recruiting on Henual. What you need to know : Guild is currently pretty much inactive (only 3 persons in it lol) Guild is lvl 24 at the moment. No forum , nor guild discord because i don't know how to make one lol I do not propose any event but if you want to do it you can No noobs : I only take independent players who don’t ask me for help Everyone is welcomed (French, Latinos, English , etc ...) And again : YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AS LONG AS YOU DON'T PISS ME OFF If you still wanna join me : my IGN is Ecards/Chopinette or pm through Discord hi im not Ecards ok ?#3214 Edit : guild lvl & members Yes i know the presentation sums up my personality but im the best ok? hehehe
  4. Nice I will still be able to mess with you if I meet you IG then
  5. Hey folks ! After the late incident occured on Eratz (and Henual ??) I was wondering if you guys will go to the upcoming retro server or stick to Henual ? As for me there's no way I'm leaving Henual for another server but I feel like everyone will leave and if so makes me think about stopping dofus lol. Sincerely your old "Mute-guy"
  6. Ankama released a survey to ask 1.29 players about some things they could fix. http:// https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/ZDW6GJ8
  7. Good luck. I wish i had the same motivation lol
  8. Why don't you try 1.29 servers ?
  9. I don't know what that is but i assume that's not from the 1.29 glorious version ? hehe ^^
  10. This one always cracks me up. with @ownzored
  11. Best video of the year so far
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