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  1. Hey! The quest that requires to fight Claude McSee comes right after Firestones. I'm not sure about the name because my game isn't in English, but it's part of the same achievement as Firestones, and is listed right below it. The quest with the Krobes is called Nurse Krobe I've been told. I' have already finished it, however.
  2. Hello, I'm a solo player looking for some help with quest fights. Big teams willing to leech and people who need help are equally welcome. This is what I need: - Fight against the Pet Ghosts for the "Legendary Beasts" quest (this is for 4 people only) - Fight vs Claude McSee (Solar area, needs 8 people; Lavasmith dofus questline) IGN is Possiel, and I play on Echo. Thanks in advance, and have a good day!
  3. Impressive, his fame is well deserved! Will definitely come back. Thanks!
  4. Reasonable prices for a super-efficient leeching service. He'll get you through Frigost dungeons in no time! Thanks for the leech! :D
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