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  1. Snips

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    all i see is 2 little bitches...nothing cute about that
  2. Snips

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    @rAWFULz and you're a little bitch
  3. Snips

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    Also, this kid kept calling himself her friend. But hasnt spoken to or even tried to defend/explain anything to her. irrelevant, but still; Did the breakdown of what she had in inventory and it goes like this: 415m+ for set (including 1 of each dofus), all exos, good mages. had 5% unnamable boots and a few other unique pieces like her mp exo and shields. i cant really put a price on dts or rhines but a good guess would be 400m+ (3500+ dts at even 50kk ea is 175m; 1000+ rhines, a lot of gen 3/4 chamos and 2 gen5's ~200m? prob way more but w/e) and then cosmetics....boonax, dragnir, julith, pets etc. too much for me to remember but 100m is a very safe assumption. I hope yall dont forget this because no matter what its also ur community and even if it doesnt affect u directly it probably effects ur friends (tournaments, events, etc). He says he's quitting but im sure he'll be back within a few months with a full team and a golden hispa (like the rest of the scammers on this shit game). Anyway, end of rant. Piece of shit imbecile
  4. Snips

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    yes yes, and wearing a short dress is an invitation for rape. shame on her for having friends she met irl and thought she could trust
  5. Snips

    kralove openining

    planning on opening kralove tomorrow. pm me or animuffin if interested. lets say around 16:00 dofus time
  6. If anyone is interested in breeding, we have a fertile ebony rhine female. We're looking for someone with a male, doing an even split once the babies are born. Pm Snips or Animuffin in game, or on IV. We can work out the details if anyone is interested. We'd be open to negotiating or breeding a few generations.
  7. Snips


    Dubbed (Snips) This lonely heart finally found a companion. And a pot of....something. Face melting...check. Dog on fire....check. Yup, definitely got too close. Snop and Blop, dimensional explorers. Behind every strong king, there's a jester pulling the strings. "Excuse me sir, I think I'm at the wrong fair." Sun's out, steaks out. And don't forget the sushi. Look at me. LOOK AT ME! I'm the captain now.
  8. ill buy 320 kamas. the friend discount? <3
  9. Snips

    Post your "owning" pictures here!

    @Tezar I see your 1v3 and I raise @Animuffin
  10. Snips

    Post your goals and achievements

    the grim adventures of bamboo and snoopy
  11. ready when you are. 1v1 for the emote, you know where to find me ^_^
  12. where's mine??? you promised. can I have my 2bk back pls?
  13. -those tits. -always horny -when you gaze into it's beautiful eyes you can see the depths of the universe -never skips leg day -bonus: another ugly looking creature at the bottom right, buy one get one. special offer, izi win IGN: Snips, from Echo
  14. Snips

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Team name: Defi's Mum Team Captain: HowToWaste5Euro, Sram, lvl 200 sram Dubbed, Snips, lvl 200 xelor god mapleminou, Somniatis, lvl 200 panda johngreen, Assault, lvl 200 rogue
  15. Snips

    Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    registration for a friend: ajdgikdfabhfnk, Stonefox, sac 200