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    Aight i was just informed of this post and had to make an account to just reply The OP of this post is a friend irl of this guy and by our little chat i understood the guy literally worshiping hes buttbuddy I tried explaining him the odd's of 7-8b people in the world and a big chunk of that know what a deejavu is so needless to say ur sadida buddy isnt unique just cause he named him self deejavus or w/e in rosal or solar doesnt make him CEO and Owner of the name i talked to an admin bout this and he laughed when he saw this post,So hope your relationship with deejavus goes well hope u marry adopt many african kids and mage together all of you i find it cute that you say scam as there is already many on Mono that have my exo's but hey sure they will believe ur miserable worship post:) after all how hard can exo be?