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  1. Need help with my xel lvl 129

    thanks a lot for your reply! i definitely have enough to choose from. i think i'd rather stay cha/str for the higher potential damage, but the cha/agi sets you showed look so juicy haha, all that range. you mind if i ask your opinion on this? what would you say is better, cha/str or cha/agi? money shouldnt be too much of a problem, i can make around 1mk per week with dopples and i have a bunch of older sets i can sell
  2. Common Scams and How to Spot Them

    Ahh the old disappearing item trick. I must admit it's gotten the best of me once, but never again. I can still remember the exact map in incarnam where it happened. I only paid around 35kk for a nice gob Headgear, which magically disappeared in the mass of resources that were shoved in my face. I was pretty new back then and 35kk was a lot for me.
  3. Need help with my xel lvl 129

    First off this is for dofus touch. the version of touch is 2.14 of dofus. i just enjoy that version of dofus better. So anyway i'm currently a 129 str/cha xel with a fairly strong maged anc set. this is the first time i've played an xel. i enjoy str/cha very much as i can do quite a bit of damage, especially in pvm. but in pvp(kolo) i hardly get the chance to pull off a full clock/punch combo. i'm kinda leaning to going back to cha/agi as i can do non linear damage and have more range. i was thinking about trying out both at lvls 130-150 with sets of that lvl and then making up my mind. I wanted to ask if anyone knew some good sets/items. i'd prefer to have at least 10ap. for str/cha i was thinking royal pingwin set + moowolf parts + a few more cha items to make it around 50/50 cha/str for cha/agi i was thinking mastic set + janus wabbit set + cromagmunk helmet (i couldnt really find good cha/agi sets for around 140/150 would really appreciate it if someone found one for me) I would really appreciate some feedback on the sets and if they would work for an xel? suggestions are very much appreciated. i used to main sac/iop, i barely have experience with xels and what to build?? i just thought i'd make this easier to read: CLASS: xelor CHARACTERISTICS: cha/str - cha/agi SETS: cha/str hat/cloak/ring: royal pingwin ring: moowolf ring boots: indigenous boots belt: dreggon belt OR kanigloo loincloth amulet: amoolet weapon: no idea cha/agi weapon/2 rings/cloak: mastic set belt/amulet/boots: janus wabbit set hat: cromagmunk helmet i would rather have a higher lvl cha/agi set