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  1. Class: xelor Build: str/Cha Kamas/time: not much but I have some time Lvl: 200 Extra comments: so I play dofus touch so I can't use all the items from normal dofus. I was thinking of getting ourobubble set, but besides that I have no idea what else to get. Help needed thanks a lot
  2. So I've got a str/cha xel lvl 186 on dofus touch right now, I'm gonna start working towards endgame set. Right now I'm using guten tak set, spore boots, slice of undergrowth belt, crocodyl dandy hat, major str and cha trophies, ap and mp trophy, ap rape trophy and major Powerhouse. I was thinking about the ourobubble set(Cloak, boots and ring I think) looks like a great lvl 200 str/cha set. But I have no idea what else to get. Class: xelor Build: str/cha/wisKamas/time available: doesn't matter, I'll make it work if it's worth. Lvl range: endgame Extra comments: p
  3. thanks a lot for your reply! i definitely have enough to choose from. i think i'd rather stay cha/str for the higher potential damage, but the cha/agi sets you showed look so juicy haha, all that range. you mind if i ask your opinion on this? what would you say is better, cha/str or cha/agi? money shouldnt be too much of a problem, i can make around 1mk per week with dopples and i have a bunch of older sets i can sell
  4. Ahh the old disappearing item trick. I must admit it's gotten the best of me once, but never again. I can still remember the exact map in incarnam where it happened. I only paid around 35kk for a nice gob Headgear, which magically disappeared in the mass of resources that were shoved in my face. I was pretty new back then and 35kk was a lot for me.
  5. First off this is for dofus touch. the version of touch is 2.14 of dofus. i just enjoy that version of dofus better. So anyway i'm currently a 129 str/cha xel with a fairly strong maged anc set. this is the first time i've played an xel. i enjoy str/cha very much as i can do quite a bit of damage, especially in pvm. but in pvp(kolo) i hardly get the chance to pull off a full clock/punch combo. i'm kinda leaning to going back to cha/agi as i can do non linear damage and have more range. i was thinking about trying out both at lvls 130-150 with sets of that lvl and then making up
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