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  1. Np guys. We have XXI century and i have his confession. Already started a case against him for cyber crime, insulting, thiefing and now i will add hacking since he tried to guess password on Impsvillage and other things. On tuesday i will get official letter from supreme court of P* that case has started and after A week it will be unstopable. I gave him 9 days (2 until letter+7 until I cant drop charges anymore). Got his insagram, messages, ankama will provide ID + payments to confirm identity after supreme court of P* will request info to move on with the case. He thought im not going to do anything but was wrong. Funny we can go to court for that. Even funnier is that all cases in my country were won. I can get A ban. I dont care. Just im not that young anymore and want some justice
  2. Main robbed my account, kicked me out of guild and out of discord + blocked on social media Gl with that scumbag
  3. No mention for me. Broke my heart. R.I.P Dejvika 2k19 Anyway leader is a nice failing challenges potato.
  4. What i have: 200 Omni Cra (193 iop on this acc, but i switched to my beloved 9-10 years old cra, sentiment is powerful thing) 199 Cha Panda 199 Mp Red Enu 199 Int Eni ( 193? eca, 155 sram on this acc) What i want: Maybe change one, or add one to dmg. Were thinking about moving iop from Cra acc into another and add him, or don't know, maybe some suggestions as im back after 6 years or so. Just feeling cra hits like a truck but one more to deal dmg would be blessing. Eni dont have big dmg and non-modifable range on 2 of 3 spells is annoying. Panda - im using ap for placement and -res, enu - mp red, not much dmg here.
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