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  1. I think people on imps have done or know how to do f3 and new players dont. People i leech doesnt know how count works and doesnt know about this site. :)
  2. After each leech I always ask for positive comment if someone is satisfied with my service. I've already leeched hundreds of ppl. Thats strange thath I got only 4 comments so far .. x)
  3. Hey all, I leech all frigost dungeons from [Royal Mastogob] to [Count Harebourg]. Send me a private message in game, so we can discuss the price and achivments you need Pm me on Smitzy or Smitzu Cheers, Smitzy
  4. Hi guys! I'm selling huge amounts of sufokia resources from Rygurgal Pit. If you are intrested send me a private message in game, so we can discuss the prices :) Cheers, Smitzy
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