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  1. Etpride

    Kwismas Spirit Quest

    Would like to open it soon too, if anyone has some infos about it, please mention it here. Thanks. Check out the link above if you don't know how to open it.
  2. Looking to get through : -Toxoliath (Duo) -Count Razoff (First) -Count Razoff (Duo) Pick up which one(s) you can leech me through. I'm willing to pay some amounts. My class and level: Iop 200 Thanks.
  3. Etpride

    Looking for Missiz Freezz (Tight) help

    Topic can be closed. I found some help IG.
  4. Hello everybody, I've been looking for a missiz freezz (Tight achievement) leech since a while now (close to 2 months :/). So is there anyone who has the kindness or the willness to help me out for that achievement. By the way I know pretty well how the dungeon works if that could help :). Plus I'm willing to pay for that service. Since I'm not online very often. It might be better that you leave me a message here down the post or in private. Thank you in advance.
  5. Great leecher, we did [Count Versatile] and he's quick, efficient and friendly. Prices are cheap aswell. So we get served efficiently and not at a high cost. I would highly recommand Smitzy. Pride.
  6. Hey people, Am looking for some help for these 3 achievements (willing to pay): - Missiz Freezz (Tight) - Count Harebourg (Versatile) (Statue) Message me here below or in private, Good game.
  7. Etpride

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    That's fine dude. I'm sure you gonna find a lot of clients :) Good game.
  8. Etpride

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    Hey there! Are you doing some F5 leech aswell ?
  9. Etpride

    Looking for F5 leech

    Hi people ! I am looking for a F5 leecher. I've wanted to unlock the 5 fantastic achievement since a long time x) Level 200 Iop on Echo. See you soon :)