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  1. Looking to get through : -Toxoliath (Duo) -Count Razoff (First) -Count Razoff (Duo) Pick up which one(s) you can leech me through. I'm willing to pay some amounts. My class and level: Iop 200 Thanks.
  2. Etpride

    Looking for Missiz Freezz (Tight) help

    Topic can be closed. I found some help IG.
  3. Hello everybody, I've been looking for a missiz freezz (Tight achievement) leech since a while now (close to 2 months :/). So is there anyone who has the kindness or the willness to help me out for that achievement. By the way I know pretty well how the dungeon works if that could help :). Plus I'm willing to pay for that service. Since I'm not online very often. It might be better that you leave me a message here down the post or in private. Thank you in advance.
  4. Great leecher, we did [Count Versatile] and he's quick, efficient and friendly. Prices are cheap aswell. So we get served efficiently and not at a high cost. I would highly recommand Smitzy. Pride.
  5. Hey people, Am looking for some help for these 3 achievements (willing to pay): - Missiz Freezz (Tight) - Count Harebourg (Versatile) (Statue) Message me here below or in private, Good game.
  6. Etpride

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    That's fine dude. I'm sure you gonna find a lot of clients :) Good game.
  7. Etpride

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    Hey there! Are you doing some F5 leech aswell ?
  8. Etpride

    Looking for F5 leech

    Hi people ! I am looking for a F5 leecher. I've wanted to unlock the 5 fantastic achievement since a long time x) Level 200 Iop on Echo. See you soon :)