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  1. The Hero of Plants X Veriun Dead Quest

    thanks!I eventually got it after 50+ tries,this really is a ridiculous fight though,the plants AI maker it 10x harder than it needs to be.I reckon they will nerf it in the future,but thank you!
  2. Does anyone have any tips to give in order to win this fight?As it stands,i see no way to beat it If I buff the roses with necrotick,they go all kamikaze and die quickly If I buff que wildflowers,there is not enough damage to kill and most of the time they don't get the line of sight necessary to heal the plants that actually need Then there is the matter of using necroticks on the veriun dead in order to keep them dead,but most of the time I cant get close to the mobs as the plants have agressive AI and stay next to the monsters that proceed to kill them So,anyone that has beaten this fight has anything to say?
  3. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    "An error occurred whilst writing to disk. Check that there is sufficient space and that you have the necessary rights." anyone else getting this error trying to log on beta?