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  1. _Xisgoronai

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    wow, that's interesting, thx bro
  2. _Xisgoronai

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: undefinedBuild: Critical resist with good dammageKamas/time available: all except dolmanax and vulbisLvl range:200Extra comments: Yo, with that new pets I thought to increase the critical resistance to the maximum possible and with a good damage, and use it with the idol that gives 100% critical to the enemies. That's a good ideia?
  3. _Xisgoronai

    The last person to post here wins

    gimme mai gift plox
  4. _Xisgoronai

    Post your goals and achievements

    And finally, the 16k ornament on Ilyzaelle
  5. _Xisgoronai

    Post your goals and achievements

    before vulkania ^^
  6. _Xisgoronai

    Post your goals and achievements

    statue in tal kasha withouth panda/elio on ilyzaelle 16k is near
  7. _Xisgoronai

    Post your goals and achievements

    youre sonafabech
  8. _Xisgoronai

    Breeding Revamp

    In the most part of the recipes, that kolo pebble is the most expensive, do not you think this will impact even more on reducing the price of monster resources? (which are already cheap)
  9. _Xisgoronai

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    @Quadro i dont h8 u, thx 2 try help me bruda but . ..idk if that's a good gear, i'll think a little bit about that that is the eni stuff that i did yesterday, some suggestions to improve that? http://dofp.la/n53q0/
  10. _Xisgoronai

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: CraBuild: Omni or cha/int Kamas/time available: all dofus, except vulbis, i have acess for all sets, but my time to play is very short. Class: EniBuild: Cha/int or full intKamas/time available: same Hello, i play dofus oriented for pvm, but now i want fight some koli, im looking for gears that have nice res, and with a lot of ap reduction. I would like to abuse the arrow of 5 ap of int, because she is OP, I believe that with this retreat I can surprise my enemies :)
  11. _Xisgoronai

    The official newbie question thread!

    How i kill this thing?
  12. _Xisgoronai

    The official newbie question thread!

    hey bro, i did this achiev in few hours on the monoacc server, with the comp cra/enu/ouginak/eca and eni. To beat the missiz/klime/nileza we use that: was a easy way to win, we did the 3 dungeons without die. To beat Sylargh we used that: We won with just one fight, be carefull with the nyoro/dakid. You cant hit on ligne of the monster, because you'll be atract and the reflect + krasso will kill you. To beat count was a little hard, we died around 5 times, but with panda is easier, we used that. Just go far from Count, running from their black gliph, because the payo wll atract 1 square. Good luck!
  13. _Xisgoronai

    Breeding Revamp

    -"limit the number of reproductions to 10 or allow 5 basic reproductions + 1 reproduction every 20 levels (which would give a certain control to the player by allowing them to increase the number of reproductions for certain mounts)." -"This way of playing seems very boring and does not correspond to what we want to value in the game, so we do not want to encourage it." pick one
  14. _Xisgoronai

    Post your goals and achievements

    Reaching 14k, this time on monoacc server :)