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  1. Update to the Gardien Elementair: It now does move (it uses the mp it always had) but his attack spell has gone from "2 times per turn" to "2Times per turn but only 1 time per target"
  2. it seems to me that u missed out on three things: Courant Quadramental doenst change ur position with a fire target. It changes the position of the fire target with the nearest other unit (similar to the mechanik in the last room of kuthulu) morph doesnt just increase its range on use. That is for the air state. If the target is in the earth state u get to increase the number of uses per target per turn by 1, fire increases the base dmg by 20 and water reduces tha ap cost by 1 And the gardien elementair has 4 mp so him not moving is maybe a bug. His 250 power buff stacks up to six times and last forever (1stack for every unique elemental combo u create). Also if the target is in an elemental state the neutral damage will instead be damage of that element.
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