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Pagonis last won the day on October 27 2018

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  1. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    What the actual fuck. 7 Hours???
  2. Pagonis

    omg qued legit quitting???

    S3lfish af quad. U b3d
  3. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Now I am buying 8 tickets to Shukrute and going to visit Rushu for a nice spring break. Wanna give a shout out to Djaul, who assisted my squad in this endeavour.
  4. Pagonis

    Dungeon service

    Wow, RIP your business @Abraham Van Helsing
  5. F3 gear is still very much playable in PvM
  6. Pagonis

    S> Kolossoken Scrolls

    y edit 1: did I do it right? edit 2: ah rip, he is selling
  7. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    I see you! And can I join you in the pub?
  8. Pagonis

    Day of the Assasins

    Longshot, but maybe you don't have the following character in Molekound with you anymore?
  9. Pagonis

    Day of the Assasins

    Not sure if you looked around the temple inside, or outside. If inside is the case, then assasins are 1 or two maps away, outside of the temple.
  10. Pagonis

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    You deserve a ban for putting buffs on. Edit: nevermind, first time have i noticed that they've removed power buffs and damage from the stat line
  11. Pagonis

    Dofus client crashing

    Have this same issue and re-logging does not fix it. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to freeze and crash, sometimes it happens in 5 minutes after logging in. Render to CPU also does not improve it, and it's all crap fest anyway. Sepuku/harakiri is the only solution
  12. Pagonis

    FML - Dofus Version

    The worst thing you can get, is this message - "You've already played the lottery today.", when in fact you didn't and not get anything. And then you have people complaining about getting bitter shigekax from these new loot boxes...
  13. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    When I read this in the preview without seeing the screenie, I thought it was damage. Disappointed...
  14. Pagonis

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    OH MY GOD. That's like having 5 dofawas equipped
  15. Pagonis

    Laptop for multi

    If there is one thing everyone knows about dofus - does not matter how good your PC is, it can still lag like shit, for reasons unknown.