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  1. Pagonis

    [BUYING] 100k Rose of the Sands

    Wow. Veldin back in the game, big fan
  2. Pagonis


    This jar sure filled me up Patience my dear Fosfor, we will find your ethereal cawwot If I move my hands real fast, maybe I'll manage to fly up there I'm not sure we should go on this ride, it looks dangerous
  3. Pagonis


    Pagonis (Pagonis) is in Srambad on the server Echo. Guild Converge Looks like we'll have to wait for the porter to come back, before going in.. Oh snap, we came to the wrong one again Sushi delivery for Mr. Solar -I wanna eat the red one -On it! Ahh, feels right at home Royal audience Oh my, the've escaped again
  4. Pagonis

    kralove openining

    Ur a bump
  5. Pagonis

    2.47 Livestream

    Not thinking
  6. Pagonis

    2.47 Livestream

    How cancer would that questline be
  7. Pagonis

    Any Wing Leech service ?

    Get good
  8. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Finished with the tier
  9. Pagonis

    Work is happiness / help required

    Thanks a lot for the help guys! Shout out to Quadsquad, Muffins and Cryx for the force brought into this
  10. Quest needs 5 smithmaguses and 3 carvmaguses to open the gate. I can be any of those two, so need 7 more characters to help me out. IGN: Pagonis
  11. Pagonis

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Please share these rules, too lazy to look up.
  12. Pagonis

    Breeding Revamp

    For people playing solo, dopples are main doploon source.
  13. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Few years too late, but done all dimension achievements
  14. -He will eat all your spinach and drink your black tea -Grooming ain't present, the same as his teeth -He doesn't rhyme poems well IGN: Pagonis Server: Echo
  15. Pagonis

    Breeding Revamp

    Guild paddocks are quite outdated tbh. But only way they could change this is by putting multiple instances available for everyone for a fixed price Then whoever wants to use private paddocks, does not need a guild to have access to some.

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