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  1. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    When I read this in the preview without seeing the screenie, I thought it was damage. Disappointed...
  2. Pagonis

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    OH MY GOD. That's like having 5 dofawas equipped
  3. Pagonis

    Laptop for multi

    If there is one thing everyone knows about dofus - does not matter how good your PC is, it can still lag like shit, for reasons unknown.
  4. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    This certainly felt like an achievement. Glad I managed to keep all alive
  5. Seeing as those ensembles don't work anyway, might as well re-do them now and save yourself some nerves. I had that issue too, deleted ensembles on every single char and created new ones, haven't faced the same issue ever again.
  6. Pagonis

    Random Screenshots

    TOP ENI. Should've pulled out, for nice grav on everything too
  7. Pagonis

    Random Screenshots

  8. Don Quixote giving up? Nooooo
  9. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    What the actual fuck
  10. Pagonis

    Devourer is recruiting cool bois

    I haven't joined, but want to leave already. Help!
  11. Pagonis


    Have you considered not using obnoxious text sizes? I mean, having separate thread captivates readers attention enough imo
  12. Pagonis

    The official newbie question thread!

    The best guess would be, that some monster was removed from the game, thus rendering soul stone obsolete.
  13. Pagonis

    S> Level 30 Dazzling Belt

    I would prefer if you would stick to selling carpets..
  14. Pagonis

    b> ivoire 33m

    Lock this in 10 years
  15. Pagonis

    Batman Logo (For haven bag)

    Your profile pic explains this