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  1. Did that unlock the score achievements for the respective dungeons?
  2. This event island end-game dungeon, was much more difficult than any of the others. Glad I got it out of the way
  3. Joining the club half a year later Was slumped in the infinite nightmares...
  4. Now I am buying 8 tickets to Shukrute and going to visit Rushu for a nice spring break. Wanna give a shout out to Djaul, who assisted my squad in this endeavour.
  5. Wow, RIP your business @Abraham Van Helsing
  6. y edit 1: did I do it right? edit 2: ah rip, he is selling
  7. Longshot, but maybe you don't have the following character in Molekound with you anymore?
  8. Not sure if you looked around the temple inside, or outside. If inside is the case, then assasins are 1 or two maps away, outside of the temple.
  9. You deserve a ban for putting buffs on. Edit: nevermind, first time have i noticed that they've removed power buffs and damage from the stat line
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