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  1. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Finally nailed underwater ones down
  2. Pagonis

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    Get a tattoo of your main character
  3. Pagonis

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    After a few hours with multiple accounts turned on, RAM usage jumps up as Veldin showed. Usually when it becomes harder to play, I just log them all off and turn on a fresh client.
  4. Wow Rob. If it's genuinely you who wrote that, I'm deeply moved.
  5. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Done trio and impertinence with two friends - Baller-lt and Tortugue, top fights, top outcomes, nice ornament
  6. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    To leech you, obviously..
  7. Pagonis

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    Well, you had it coming..
  8. Pagonis

    Show off your new colours

    Color of the day
  9. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Ayy, @Ouest pushed me to do this Thanks for the company!!! Was super fun to do Koutoulu with you!
  10. Please change back to enu. So that your profile pic becomes legit again..

    1. Rob


      I am an Enu, it's just a visual bug.

    2. Quadro


      u are a visual bug

  11. Pagonis

    Looking for lit players for cancer achivements

    Tbh if you have ivories, just have panda and damages. You can do statue in 4-8 turns
  12. Pagonis

    Post your goals and achievements

    Finished up them towers
  13. Pagonis

    S> Wild Indigo Rhineetle 100mk [Closed]

    You guys are on fire with catching
  14. Pagonis

    [BUYING] 100k Rose of the Sands[Closed]

    Wow. Veldin back in the game, big fan
  15. Pagonis


    This jar sure filled me up Patience my dear Fosfor, we will find your ethereal cawwot If I move my hands real fast, maybe I'll manage to fly up there I'm not sure we should go on this ride, it looks dangerous