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  1. Is there any chance for you to give me some more information? 1.30 is like fanmade pack or what? I'm completely lost in French forums...
  2. Hello guys, I assume you might know more about this new Ankama project? Hopefully this is no lies and server for 1.29 will actually be opened?!
  3. Give me your ING nick, i can Invite you to Eng guild.
  4. Good day, lads. I am returning back to oto-mustam in full strenght. As some of you might or might not know, there's new rule of PVP. You can attack every1, except your guildmates, that means, that biggest alli doesn't really control all world. If there's anyone who's playing. Or is willing to start, pm me in game Bishopper. Some of old lads from there might remember me as Wombies. GL&HF
  5. 51??? :D How in the heavens u got that lvl so quickly?
  6. So, this is getting out of hand already. Basically, I created char on Ilyzialle - can't log in (all subscriber gifts and set is there) got to lvl 30ish as well. Then I go to Fraktal, because, I want to play, gettint char on 30 again(with set) , and BAAAM, impossible to acess. Okay, i'm like. - Lets try one last time on the newest of all. Got to 50, full set everything and what do I get now???
  7. Wtf is this, I have manged to log myself in Ilyzaelle, i have char there, with all Incarnam achievments and items, I really dont want to re-do that all on those other servers. But it's impossible to get in during daytime..
  8. I was working night shift tonight - didn't go to sleep. Now I'm home and still can't sleep :D Fokeen dofus
  9. Hey, yes, I'm playing on Shadow or also known as Ombre. Got 13x 4 man team, if you want to do something, just PM Qcee
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