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  1. This means, if i purchased subscription prior Retro launch (wanted to play on other retro servers to get the feeling) I wont get xp bonus?
  2. In two days, got fully geared team. Just finished smith dung.
  3. You can freely add me - Kabansky
  4. Guys, I've made the pool, please, fill in : https://strawpoll.com/f447fphd
  5. Maybe some of you know.. There will be different launcher or 1.29 launcher will be used?
  6. Are they planning on pushing it to 1.30? And maybe we can await that amakna will implement changes on Retro as well?
  7. Maybe it would be good for everyone to add their main Nick-Names, so there's better chance for us to make it together?
  8. I completely agree with you on that. I'm not really enjoying 2.0, so I will give retro a chance, I'm more than positive, that it will last 2 months for me, but still, First days will be awesome and thrilling and for that I'm willing to pay and take days off from job. Playing with my friend (lan party) who I met on Dofus 12 years ago, drinking some whiskey and enjoying nostalgia. Good enough for me
  9. Anyways, if all English speaking players sticks to 1-5 guilds = we'll be good
  10. No, nothing I could find. Probably loads of information on french forums, but I'm lost there.
  11. Yeah, as we can see there multiple play styles for different people. Me, myself - I love grinding, Ok, it might get boring, but fuck me, not as boring as questing..
  12. Abraham, you are completely right, that should be the way Anakama should look, but hey, most of the people have already lost their appetites for 2.0, lost interest in Dofus itself. Same thing was for World Of Warcraft. Opened classic and it exploded. For me, typical consumer, I can't wait for 1.3 to open, right, maybe I wont play it for years and years, but if I love the 3-6 months I spent there , still a Win for me, because currently I see no point in playing 2.0. Nothing appealing there. And I still believe that 1.29 Gameplay was the best. There was something for everyone, someone wanted to grind - hey, go ahead, want quests, you can do them. Want pvp, go for freacking headhunt and get rewarded, look cooler. KOL in my opinion, is no-where near as good as HeadHunt was.
  13. Honestly, I think this might bring a lot of old players back. Especially, if there's updates on platform itself (increased fps, less laggy, and many bugs fixed) This will definitely pump up some players, will see how it goes here.
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