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  1. Hey, hey! Awesome, pumped for this. Already registered with 3 friends on Tofu. Also, what would be your tier list on classes to pick?
  2. Hey, Good description of Heroic server. As I have played a lot and still have 150+ team on oto. Sadly, but I haven't been playing 2.0 dofus for a while and me and my friend are planning on trying this server. As for newest standart. Is ir really worth to go as 8man or 6man is viable option as well? If so, what are the best class combinations to take?
  3. Qcee

    6man team

    Good afternoon Gents and Gals. Haven't played 2.0 for quite a while. Since new Heroic server is right around the corner, I was hoping to get best synergies for 6man team. What classes to look for and what should I miss. PVM based with a chance of pvp? Thanks in advance.
  4. This means, if i purchased subscription prior Retro launch (wanted to play on other retro servers to get the feeling) I wont get xp bonus?
  5. In two days, got fully geared team. Just finished smith dung.
  6. You can freely add me - Kabansky
  7. Guys, I've made the pool, please, fill in : https://strawpoll.com/f447fphd
  8. Maybe some of you know.. There will be different launcher or 1.29 launcher will be used?
  9. Are they planning on pushing it to 1.30? And maybe we can await that amakna will implement changes on Retro as well?
  10. Maybe it would be good for everyone to add their main Nick-Names, so there's better chance for us to make it together?
  11. I completely agree with you on that. I'm not really enjoying 2.0, so I will give retro a chance, I'm more than positive, that it will last 2 months for me, but still, First days will be awesome and thrilling and for that I'm willing to pay and take days off from job. Playing with my friend (lan party) who I met on Dofus 12 years ago, drinking some whiskey and enjoying nostalgia. Good enough for me
  12. Anyways, if all English speaking players sticks to 1-5 guilds = we'll be good
  13. No, nothing I could find. Probably loads of information on french forums, but I'm lost there.
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