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  1. Stfu Lamborghini girl u got plenty piwi hats
  2. Would also like to state, contrary to popular belief killer-spiritual never scammed anyone we do not condone scamming and we don’t harbour such creatures. Kiss kiss
  3. Couldn’t of said it better myself ! Hurry up and join Orphic !
  4. If you are autistic or a mutant product of incest or even just a retard Orphic needs you!! Pm Rawfulz ASAP!! To join best guild on Echo some perks of being in our guild is N word pass, daily perc hunts!! We cannot promise you won’t be bullied however for being disabled. Limited spaces left hurry!! :)
  5. @ЯeveЯt can quite confidently say that if you give out your logs to anyone and one day log on and your cleaned out, it is your fault, just like if I logged on and was cleaned out by the person I share with, you take a chance by giving out this information some are fine and others not so much. Its not ankamas fault if you get wiped lol, They provide the tools to protect your shit in game, if you wanna throw that out the window go ahead...
  6. Was unaware of this balancing mechanic in 1v1 kolo but they have basically just said, if you are good at your class win more than you lose etc, you vs no brain dumb shit ppl can play in their sleep 10/10
  7. Buying vulbis 350m pm profanity ig
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