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  1. Buying 3 Rings Exos

    Closed, got the exos. Thank you
  2. Buying 3 Rings Exos

    Hello! I am buying an Unstable Ring AP or MP Exo and 2 Tritun Rings AP Exo (or one MP depending on the the ring’s Exo) Here are the stats I would like to have for the rings. Unstable Ring (AP OR MP Exo) 190+ Vit 40+ Wis 3+ Damage All 10+ AP Res Close to Perfect Pushback Damage So Around 37+ Pushback Damage WITH AP OR MP EXO Tritun Ring (Buying 2 AP Exo) 390+ Vit 34+ Wis No need prospection 8+ Lock 14+ Pushback Damage 7% Str 7% Cha 8+ AP Res 17+ Crit Damage WITH AP Exo You can direct message me so we can discuss about the price on Imps or Discord KillerSpirituel #3220 or In Game Killer-Spirituel Thank you and enjoy!
  3. Meno/Kout Dung Achiv Leech

    So a lot of people have been calling me a "scammer" and saying that I can't leech those lmao.... Imma just put few screens here and you can decide yourself if i'm a scammer and/or if I can't do does leeches xD. (I leeched more people and my 10 chars but won't spam screens)
  4. Meno/Kout Dung Achiv Leech

    Little update, Lot of people have been asking me these questions: "Is it alright if i'm in the last room of the dungeon?" "Do I need to have my character geared?" Yes, i will solo every rooms and boss so you do NOT need a geared character. Fights will also be faster if you let me solo every rooms and your character gearless to die faster. Also I will bump up my price for leeching since a lot of friends/people have been telling me it's too low and I should go higher. So I will leech for 4.5m each dungeons now (unless you have contacted me before this change, I will leech you for 3m each dungs) Thanks for your understanding everyone and have fun!
  5. Meno/Kout Dung Achiv Leech

    Hello everyone, I am now leeching people through Koutoulou Limp/Duo and Meno Limp/Duo for 4.5m each dung. You can contact me on here or in game @Killer-Spirituel or Rawfulz-Spirituel. Or on Discord KillerSpirituel#3220 Or on my Twitter @KillerSpiritual Any of these 3 are fine. Thank you, Enjoy and Have Fun everyone.
  6. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    @stannyboyYea, I don't like the vit neither. I prefer this vit
  7. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    Sorry Zincer, I wanted them too. Maybe next time you will get lucky bro <3 Thank you Rob again <3
  8. Free Christmas Gift Codes

    @Sommanker The last 3 are for Krosmega or something, but the others are for Dofus. You can use all the codes on Dofus' website though. And yea @Rob I forgot that code doesn't work anymore xD
  9. Free Christmas Gift Codes

    Hello everyone, Here are multiple Dofus Gift Codes that everyone can use until the 26 of December. KWISMASMAGA2017 TouchKwismas2017 WAKWISMAS2017 KROSMASTERGIFTS BOUFBOBOWL Ougikna Merry Christmas Everyone! ^^
  10. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    Thank you so much! My in game user is Killer-Spirituel (sent you a message too). Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    I like pinenuts, so enjoy your milk, Santa!
  12. Selling Exos

    Hello I am selling 4 Exos. Both AP Bearb Wedding Ring For 20m Each, Jammy Jack Ring For 15m, and the Ringing For 17m PM in game @Killer-Spirituel or on Discord @KillerSpirituel
  13. (Postponed - see first post) Battle Royale Tournament

    KAJA Captain : Killer-Spirituel, Sacrieur, 200 Ilovebowlina, Eliotrope, 200 Carebear103, Enutrof, 200 Soft, Iop, 200
  14. Alright then 4% Int Res cloak for 35m, 3% Agi Res Cloak for 25m, Jammy Ring 18m, Ringaling 27m, Both AP Bearb Wedding Rings 20m Each. There :)