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  1. Nah its more about the level requirement and secondary effect if anything. Doubt it would get changed though, only level requirement would go up.
  2. They'll likely change something about it since its currently listed as a 'level 100' dofus egg which I doubt will be the questline requirement.
  3. Theres always maging which is a relic of the old heavily RNG reliant 'gameplay' if you can even classify maging as gameplay. I feel like having uncertainty factors in games are highly frustrating though as all you can really say in response is "Well that was unfortunate" after a long day spent on any of those old tasks. .. On the flop side there is always the option of Wakfu which I honestly wish I never spent 1 month grinding to level cap and getting legendary items, 1% drop for legendary item fragments and they were basically AP MP exo mage equivalents. Pretty sure you could drop
  4. Far from perfect but I feel like a 10 rune mage like this deserves a mention, i didn't even do it gg side note - that was fresh from the craft
  5. Its pretty awful tbh, 1/10 times i'd be able to crit the last few runes to get to these stats. You didn't see all the other shit attempts with like 430 vit and sub 71-73 power, 10/10 would never mage again.
  6. Proud sponsor of these items, provided the runes :^)
  7. You don't even want to know how bad I felt when I was only 4-5 hours into running this and I had 2 Elfacets alive + QoT then ran out and panda died to a bomb. Lost myself atleast 9-12 more hours of my life because of that little bit of impatience. For anyone that doesn't have context on the fight, i'm basically permanently immune to damage on the condition that my panda never gets pushed/pulled and drops my iop for an entire turn. 4 of the 7 mobs in this fight had the ability to pull/push, also QoT bombs would ignore this permanent invulnerability and the mobs also tended to push a
  8. Pardon the shitty photoshop of soft oak into the image, that was just to show the three tiles he patrolled across for the entire fight. Also ty @Woof-Zwei for picking my feca up and clicking the skip turn button for the entire fight. edit/ps: soft oak MP poison modifier is literal cancer and i hope none of you have to encounter it past floor 300 let alone 400
  9. Grats, fairly difficult fight for some classes and then... Int hupper with cloudy + morph op op (Late to the party but idc)
  10. The snailmet crit rate difference sticks out like a sore thumb sometimes, I tried boarhog with the atcham nom treadfast set and the lack of crits is pretty infuriating. That said if you crit mage a few items and spend one turn to crit shooting it is significantly better even if you miss a few crits.
  11. Yeah I spent 3 hours tabbed out not trying to think about the dungeon and then came back without a plan, found out I could've blitz'd her on turn 3 but didn't have anything in place to blitz so I ended up using turn 3 to smell boost. Honestly would've considered just restarting the fight so I could cram in chrono with the extra turn + characters alive. Was a fairly fun fight until I realised half my team got ran over cause masq/panda weren't locking anything. e - glad you enjoyed(?) it also
  12. A few more accidental deaths in this fight than expected e: was on track for chrono and then eni cra went pop, followed shortly after with eca elio. F
  13. Power creep with shields and new items, fit of rage helps dispose of other mobs. Wrath is still good but more specific from dungeon to dungeon and player preference.
  14. I rarely use wrath at the moment but some of the builds come down to preference. Eca --> Main water damage Iop --> Main earth damage Eni --> Main heals/fire damage Elio --> Main air damage (I personally like chance better to avoid failing freedom achievements) Panda --> Str or int or cha work fine, personal preference for str even though it has initiative and range problems. Set ideas - Didn't bother with eni, theres a few int sets that you can run that will all go fine. Eca: https://www.dofusplanner.com/31ZjW/ - I'm unsure
  15. I'd highly recommend enu over eca cause of toolbox and acceleration being readily available for panda turn 1 for certain dungeons. Its just personal preference since I haven't tried koutoulou limpwrist without an enu before, you could probably just have the panda and eni block off kout when turn 2 starts but controlling the mobs would be significantly harder even if the kout blitz is easy. Similar deal with meno since you need to just keep distance for 7 turns+ depending on how good your damage is if you want to get the blitz achievement. If you just wanna run through F3 enu isn't
  16. Adding a 5th to that team would be a tie between eca and enu for general simplicity and effectiveness. For dungeons such as meno and koutoulou i'd feel more comfortable using an enu just to control the mobs while I kill everything, everything else a chance or crit damage eca will generally be better. I'd say for ease of execution you'd just want the base team to be panda/elio/eni/iop with additions being enu > eca > masq > free slot, but playing 8 on heroic is a bad idea so sticking to 4 or 5 is probably ideal.
  17. Not really, put a bit more effort into wis though. Having anything below -5 from max turns quite a few buyers away from possible purchases.
  18. Buying Barley, Oats, Hop, Flax, Rye, Malt, Hemp, Corn and Millet. Paying regular prices for them, need roughly 20-30k of each. I can let you know exactly how many if you have more than than amount since i'll be buying from the market slowly. Message me on Broken-Glass or leave a reply here/inbox, thanks.
  19. most of the items have sold and sub ran out so i'm gonna just put the rest that I won't need on market.
  20. https://www.dofusplanner.com/EDZVM I used to use this, vulbis if you can afford it :^) ps:im illiterate and don't know what res is btw
  21. https://www.dofusplanner.com/J2jmA/ Range is a bit meh
  22. Setup my merch at -2,-1. List of items is too long to screenshot, it has various sets with exos and a majority of the Dofus eggs. Nothing too exciting for PvP but most of it is overmaged to be acceptable for hitting NPCs :^). Couldn't add trophies and a few other less important items due to an unspecified limit. edit - Most of the easy to sell stuff is gone, whatever is leftover will most likely be in the market when I find the time to do so.
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