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  1. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have: - Iop 200 - Cra 200 - Panda 200 - Eni 200 - Enu 200 I just came back after a break and I only want to use 4 characters from now on so I need to drop one. 3 of them are already geared. I want to choose between my Enu and Eni, which one would be the best for endgame content/dungeons?
  2. Buying ochre 35m /w Skaylaria
  3. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, ill give this set a try! As soon as I get enough kamas or if I manage to get the achievements, I'll start using the abyssal dofus. And about the new op set, which one is it? When it comes to my panda and other options, im not really sure which one would be the best for me.
  4. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: RogueBuild: Int Kamas/time available: anything but vulbis or cloudy/abyssalLvl range: 200 Current team: Panda, Cra, ElioExtra comments: Ill probably need a healing bow, maybe a damage weapon in some scenariosPvP or PvM oriented: PvM oriented and a little PvP ( Some res would be nice but not necessary, at least for me ) Class: Panda Build: I'm not really sure about what to do. My team consists of Int Rogue, Agi/Int Cra, Agi Elio Lvl Range: 200 I'd rather not buy another ochre but if there's no other option thats okay. PvM oriented and a little PvP
  5. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I've decided to stop using my 5 man team and only use 3 chars. I'll be keeping my Cra, eni and panda but since I wanted to create a new class this leaves me with no other option but to drop one of my chars. I was thinking about a Rogue + Panda + Cra combined with my friend's Elio. I will be doing PvM combined with some PvP, I just wanted to know if this team could manage around high-end dungeons and some pvp from time to time. I'm open to suggestions like another class instead of rogue or keeping my eni instead of my panda? Thanks.
  6. Turq - 8.5mk Crimson - 9mk /w Skaylaria I'll be online 22:00 dofus time or pm here
  7. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    I have Iop/Eni/Panda/Sram. I was thinking about changing my Sram to a Cra. Which class would be more useful for end game hunts and dungeons? Or should I just create another char since im also planning on creating an enu.
  8. Looking for exp service

    2 chars, both lvl 186, x1 multipliers, 750 wis /w Aysteria
  9. Leveling up my team

    Thanks for the advice. The achievements exp was pretty helpful. Just an update, right now both chars are around 170. Its been quite slow but I only have 2 200's so I guess that's how it is. I've been doing Korri mobs with 508 but at this point I'm running out of mobs to fight against. Any ideas about anything faster or some other way I could level them up?
  10. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I have acct1: 200 Str/Int Iop acct2: 200 Int Eni acct3: 199 Agi/Str Sram acct4: 199 Cha Panda What I want Goal: I was thinking about what classes I should use, i'm still not sure about my sram, is it a good fit for my team and for running end game dungeons? To be honest I've been thinking about a class change but if it fits for my team then its all good. I'm also planning on adding 2 more characters in the near future. any suggestions will be really helpful! Leaning towards: acct1: Enu maybe? acct2: No idea What I want: End game pvm
  11. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sram Build: Agi/Str but mainly agi PvP or PvM; PvM Need a lvl 199 set for my agi/str sram and another one for when I get to 200. Please no exos/ochre for lvl 199 but feel free to add them for lvl 200.
  12. Leveling up my team

    Hello, I Just created 2 new characters and I am having some trouble leveling them up, they are both lvl 51 with x1 xp and full wisdom. My main characters are my Iop and eni, both level 200. I have a 508 set of idols which I was using previously but its getting difficult to find good mobs or where to level up, I was also thinking about switching to another set of idols, any ideas? I just want to level them up as quickly as possible. Some advice will be really appreciated!