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  1. Yeah, the sac is going to be "out-tanked" by the Panda so he will definitely become the odd-man out on your dungeon team. For ID, the Cra, Cra, Enu, Panda is definitely solid especially if you're just looking to blast through levels and then reset. If you're trying to go for higher levels, I think you'd want more defense. Maybe swap out one Cra with a Feca or possibly an Eni. The masq wouldn't be a bad choice ... but he's same account as the Enu so that's a limiting factor.
  2. RamboPL goes without saying ... I remember Darkchlor, Six-T-Nine and Legend-J from your list as well. -MMM/OOO will always be remembered as either revolutionizing the game ... or ruining it... depending on your thoughts of multi-account. Samah always seemed to be on the cutting edge of builds. Lol ... I remember having a guild rivalry with "Church of BattleKj" on Rushu ... never liked him because of that
  3. Welcome back, Pika. I always seem to remember the old Ecas more than others from the community I just came back as well ... played on Illy (solo account server) for a while but switched to Echo once I realized I couldn't pull any items from my old chars onto a solo account server. I am enjoying the new game ... so many nice features and I don't have to worry about messing up my char with an bad choice early on since resetting is so easy and there's no spell points.
  4. Dang ... the names in this thread ... Ike, Cad, Dote, Youb ... I think I may cry
  5. No going out, no sports to watch and I've streamed everything worth a darn ... natural next step: re-install Dofus. Where's the "in" place to be nowadays? I see a lot of chatter about the Retro servers ... seem cool but a few concerns: What's the most recent content on those servers? aka ... I don't want to spend my nights farming the same 3 things over and over with no place to go I actually like the idea of the single-account servers ... really brings me back to the old days (before ooo and mmm brought the apocalypse of multi-accounting to the game ) Playing on those servers seems like it wouldn't help evolve the game ... then again, we international players have never been able to direct the evolution of the game much anyway ... but I'm also mainly here for community and fun so that might sway me if the Retro servers are the only place to find it. Anyway, currently playing a lowly Fogger on Ilyzaelle.
  6. I have watched the Bolgrot video (and another English one on youtube) but keep dying gloriously in that fight. Is there any advice people can offer on not dying in that one? I understand the concept well enough ... often I am not even sure which flame couldn't move that killed. Either I'm focusing on the wrong ones or getting myself in bad situations - not sure, but it's rather frustrating.
  7. Yeah, I noticed the -50 dodge as well last night. Rockyou, I like the idea of the AoE dispel as well. I'd like to see those things do something useful. Even if you didn't have to detonate them and they just worked somewhat like a summon ... they spawn with 3 or 4 MP and just do their thing. Less control, but you wouldn't have to burn AP just to make them work. You should be rewarded to planning a good rune setup ... Not punished by casting Runification and then trying to actually use them all effectively.
  8. Rockyou, I agree that the runes and their summons are mostly useless ... I'd like to see them fix that somehow, but, like I said, I find the true value of Runes in Runic Treatment. The way I'd fix them might be a bit radical ... but I'd change the effect of Runification to this "Applies a 50% + resistance to any ally standing on a rune to the element of that rune." It's strong, but it still has to be coordinating well ... and an enemy with any map management/repel can fairly easily negate. One of those things where "if the enemy doesn't neutralize it, it can be a game-maker" type of spells. It won't happen because they'd have to completely remove those useless summons and I don't think the devs would go for that. But I'd focus on making the runes a defensive/support thing and the elemental states being a attack buff/debuff thing. Maybe I'll change my mind on runes as I go, but ... as of right now, I don't use them for much ... so they do need to work on them somehow. They almost feel like a "half-cooked" concept that didn't come out as useful as they were expecting. Just like the "moved closer by 2 cells" effect on Stalagmite if the target is in the Fire state - it's a 1RA spell ... exactly how am I supposed to move closer? Ala, thanks for pointing out the typo ... fixed that to be 1RA. I'm not sure if you're right about Runes only lasting 2 turns. Is that because you are using Runic Treatment or Ruinification? That'll remove all runes when either is cast.
  9. I haven't seen any topics out here yet concerning the new class so I thought I'd start one. For those who haven't played one yet and are wondering what, essentially, they do: Hupps are a unique blend of a lot of the stuff other classes can do ... all rolled into one. Each attack a Hupp makes places a rune at the target's feet. The Hupp has a spell to activate that rune and have all such runes do damage to the units standing on them. These runes have 3 abilities: 1. Trap-like damage - activated if someone is standing on the spell when Runification is cat. For me, this damage hasn't been substantial thus far. 2. Summons an element-based globule thingy - can do some "tricks" when attack. Can be useful, but seems like an expensive AP cost to do what they do 3. The runes can come into play for the spell Runic Treatment - healing spell whose power is based on the number of Runes out In addition to the Rune, each Hupp attack places the target in an Elemental state. This, to me, is much more useful than the Rune. In most instances, a target can only be in one state ... and any spell that would try to add a different state will erase both ... so be careful for that. A couple of spells are directly based on the Target's elemental state (and do nothing if they're not in one): 1. Elemental Drain - very powerful for 2 AP - does quite a nice amount of damage in the same elemental as the target's state, steals that state from the target onto the Hupp. Mucho fun. 2. Contribution - basically buffs a teammate based on states of your enemies. Can be powerful, but you need to set it up right - if an enemy is in a water state, you'll get more power; fire state, 10% shield; air state, 1 AP; earth state, 1 MP. The more states out there, the more buffs you get. The real intrigue of this class (to me) is what happens when you attack a target that is already in a state. I said earlier that hitting with a second element will remove both states from the target ... what I didn't mention is that it also applies an effect at this time. These are dependent on which state the target is currently in and the spell you're attacking with. The effects vary from spell to spell, but examples are: 1. - 3 AP 2. - 2 MP 3. 15% extra damage taken next turn 4. causes 20% less damage next turn ... etc So much versatility here, it gives even Cras a run for their money ... but, again, you have to set yourself up right for it. If you are trying to run from a strong opponent and have 9 AP then you can Telluric Wave (STR, 3 AP) them to apply the Earth state, cast Contribution (2 AP) to give yourself 1 MP, and then Icy Shards (CHA, 4 AP) to hit them again and have a chance to remove 2 MP ... all the while, hitting them with fairly strong attacks. Almost all a Hupp's spells are 3 or 4 AP. 3 for each element. Each element has an AoE drain attack. STR seems to be the "ranger" of the group, with AGI close behind, INT is more of a mid-range and then CHA is the tank. I'm only in my 6Xs so far, but CHA seems to be the core element because Elemental Drain is only 1RA so you're most likely to be able to use that when you're in tank mode. To offset that, it's the only element without a Modifiable Range spell ... so, again ... once in close, you're gonna go CHA. You could definitely do a build without CHA, but you better be good at running ... as many of the spells have a min range of 2 or 3. Anyway, I'm interested to hear from others who are out there playing a HupperMage - what spells you like, what build you think is best, etc. Currently, I'm leaning toward CHA/INT/AGI ... but that's partially because I don't need more STR damage on my team. One more thing I will say is that I definitely believe that you need to "learn as you play" on this class. I wouldn't advise leaching one to 100 and hardly using it at all and then trying to figure out it in the midst of teamplay. Level it old school - take it out for a few fights on its own at least every so many levels so that you don't get ALL the spells and then try to figure out all the combos. I think that'd be overly frustrating and would result in a classic "this class sucks ... I'm going back to my Iop!"
  10. I've been around since right after the game was officially released. I've switched too many servers to still talk to any of my original gang of friends but I am friends with them on FB so that sorta counts. Of my current friends, Noob and I go back to the glory days of Shika ... though we were actually on opposite sides of some guild spats at that time. Same thing with Phil, though we talk less now since he's no longer in TA :/
  11. Ed! You are weak! Get back on your horse, soldier! .... *says the man working on his team of nub cats*
  12. Wow ... 8 x Ecas = 8 Clover + AoNs. I've never actually ran multiple Ecas ... are there any global Cooldowns that would prevent that? Nice thing about this setup is that, unlike the Cras who get screwed if the enemies get close, the CHA Eca just gets stronger since he can continue using CHA Playful to keep himself near full health. Also, Ecas don't have to worry about killing themselves since Clover makes your entire team immune to AoN. If you are going with a team of Cras, Ed, I'd put in at least 1 masq and try to have him go first. This would also be applicable for a team of Ecas. Reduce the enemies HP by a hefty percent and then run in guns-a-blazing with the expectation that the enemy won't live long enough to take out any of your reduced HP chars. I'm honestly considering the Eca concept if there are no Global Cooldowns on AoN on my 6 accounts. 1 Masq, 3 STR/CHA Ecas, 2 INT/CHA Ecas. Masq would just be a shield/masquerade bot. STR/CHA Ecas would be "frontline" with the INT/CHA Ecas coming in right behind them, capable of healing and still able to AoN things to oblivion.
  13. Sounds like Facebook's look back kinda thing :)
  14. This is also a great build - plus it has much better end-game sets atm. STR/CHA is lacking as is STR/AGI and STR/CHA/AGI is almost non-existent :(
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