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  1. I have an important question, I saw a straw poll about the classes on Reddit. Somebody else linked a french one (which had like 2k+ votes, compared to 100 votes english one) Are we going to use a single server with all other communities? I think that will really ruin the experience for us. I used to really enjoy Oto Mustam but got bored because of the same reason, the majority was French which I don't understand.
  2. Solo player server launching in October

    I am sorry but in a FAQ about this server they said that there will be no transfers. I think this is really fun because 1) people with 2bk won't ruin the economy and 2) you can start fresh without feeling the pressure of rushing to 200. Im excited :)
  3. korri souls leeching service

    I don't understand why you made the payment plan so complex? The price changes on both the xp earned and # of souls, its weird. Just say x per soul and blabla discount, the xp discounts are unnecessarily complicated.
  4. AP exo Hairsh Bracelet. There is a similar one in market for 30M tho thats not my price... waiting for offers probably around 25M. IGN: Azaknami
  5. Tell me your ideas for Dofus in 2018

    Are there any news on Spell Points? I heard from some people that they will remove them or change them? Which I think they should... 2 of my single element chars required 45-60 sp scrolls each for utility spells :( Maybe not remove them completely but allow us to get them with doploons or questing etc.
  6. Tell me your ideas for Dofus in 2018

    There are some really good points here, but I wanna add my thoughts into some: 1. Locking Items: is really good, but I have another idea to solve the problem of picking items back from your bank. Two new slots of inventory (like equipments, resources, etc.) and they are idols and gadgets. Idols part is self-explanatory, and the gadgets would hold Xelorium time-winding clocks, Sufokia propellers and new gadgets to come. Or alternatively we can have a "Locked" item slot, where we can put all types of items that won't go to Bank. 2. Cosmetics: New costumes/cosmetics area always good, but I think separating them into sleeves, pants etc. would make it really messy, we would probably have to grind resources for each part etc. Though I would want more crafted harnesses and costumes through handyman and tailor (like the Foggernaut Harness, we can have a special harness/costume for each area which wants resources from that specific area). 3. Kolossium: I think ISK needs more rewarding, right now I do Kolossium for fun but there is no way a person can actually grind himself SP scrolls etc. through it. Maybe there could be a win-streak bonus or a Kolossoken bonus depending on your rating (3500-4000 rating gets +50 Kolossoken per win etc.) or like others said, a seasonal ranking prize. 4. Idols: I really agree we need more idols. I like the 508 where you play around ranged/mp red. comp but we need a rewarding idol "combo" for a melee and mid ranged fight comp. (Maybe an idol only works when you are between 5-10 cells from your target for mid range etc.) NEW CONCERN: Teams, I use a team myself but having one should be a choice not a must. Two things: there are too many group fights in quests (Srambad, im looking at you), game should give you NPC-sidekicks in group fights if you don't have people with you. Also the amount of resources required for a single item, most sufokia items want 70 to 90 of resources, is way too much. I know they are easy to farm with 508 etc. but for a single accounter its unrealistic to grind that much for a single item.
  7. B> MP Barbring

  8. B> MP Barbring

    Hi everyone, buying a MP exo Barbring. max. res/crit/sum/mp red 240+ vit all other stats should be at least the minimum will pay around 15-20m IGN: Azaknami
  9. Final Hyrkul Fight in Ivory Dofus

    Paralyzing arrow isn't worth it: if I steal 1 mp and he gains back two, in terms of the chase between me and him there is no gain, and if I fail to steal he gets the 2 mp. For the cawwot thing, are you saying even if the cawwot/pet is in the opposite direction he will run to them to hit melee? That could be useful.
  10. Hi everyone, after many days of working on the Ivory Quests I reached the final fight and I am stuck. I see that the fight is easy for really mobile characters such as Srams, Iops etc. but I am a Cra and I can't win the fight. People told me to use MP red build, with 190 mp reduction set it is still impossible because every time I mp rape or push him he gains + 2mp. Half the time he backs himself against Pylon so I can't successfully push him and also paralyzing arrow is useless (0 net gain) and poisoned arrow at best reduces 2 mp. Does anyone here have tips or strategies they used in this fight? Much appreciated.
  11. Looking for a mad person

    I can help out too... if you want to talk more detailed about it /w me in game. IGN: Azaknami
  12. Echo down? Status: Unknown

    As of 18:52 DUT, I was able to log in !