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  1. Azaknami

    How to duo nileza with omni cra and str eca?

    When you hit Nileza from range you swap places and Nileza does damage where it lands (2-cell wide). The damage is more than what you deal to Nileza, which makes it really strong. Just abuse that to kill everything quickly whilst also lowering Nileza. I have 6 characters did 3 sets of duo in a total of less than an hour with this method, basically what I mean is, it is really easy. Especially since you have two strong range damage dealers.
  2. Azaknami

    Let's discuss character progression in dofus.

    The Minowang drop in Halloween and Crown drop during this event are perfect examples of these. If they legit add some sick looking rare ceremonial items/pets/petsmounts to end game dungeons they will create an infinite amount of replayability with minimal effort. I would legit run all those dungeons like crazy for those drops. One thing I don't like about the "looks" in dofus, there is not enough pretige/rarity. You either mimi a common item everybody knows, use a ceremonial item that everyone can buy for 50kk, or lastly buy some item that is long gone from the game or came with an event for 300m if you REALLY want to look different (which usually don't even look good, its just rare). With the addition of rare items to end-game bosses hardcore PvM'ers can also obtain some prestige too. Not to forget our pvper friends, can also add the same thing to pvp. Make some sick looking ceremonials that only drop from kolossiums/perceptor/koth fights. So that people putting time/effort to these parts of the game can show-off. EDIT: But also why bother when you can sell those sick ceremonials for ogrine/euros
  3. Selling Crocobur, thinking around 70-75M but can discuss. Message me in-game or here.
  4. Azaknami

    Crocoburio Fight in Ebony Dofus Quest Line

    Sorry I am on vacation so I am replying late. From my observations the ghost spawns on the same corner every time, but not necessarily on the same cell. First one spawns on mid/top left, second one spawns in right/mid, I can't remember the third one. But I guess you can try to run from the boss heavily before the spawn/unmoveable turn. I would also suggest just drop a summon on a weird corner, he likes to chase them instead of following you.
  5. Azaknami

    Crocoburio Fight in Ebony Dofus Quest Line

    Okay so after days of trying I was able to achieve it with all four of my characters so I will share my tactics in case somebody else in the future needs it, I will rank them in difficulty while explaining 1. Cra: Was the easiest, general tactic is with abyssal/ivory just keep on pushing/eroding him. I let him summon his friends only once, second one comes at 50% hp and by that time his max hp was around 7.5k, so I got him down to around 3.5k without triggering the 2nd wave of friends and just blitzed him with charged puni/aton from 3.5k. My cra is omni with low hp/res and a ton of dmg. 2. Iop: Similar tactic, I went full str abyssal/ivory and Catseye Bow. Just kept using pressure, bow, jump around and similar to Cra got him to 3.6k ish without triggering the 50% phase, charged wrath and killed him 4 turns later. With Ivory, 7mp and Jump you have so much sustain you can probably stall the game forever. Everytime he uses his shield just dmg him, that way his max hp will lower and you won't trigger the phases. I actually thought Panda/Eni was gonna be impossible but thanks to other helpful players I was able to do them... 3. Panda: Credits go to the user Kra-spouille,I saw this strategy originally from them from a french website. Get full str/tanky build. Worst part about this fight is the erosion but you can unbewitch yourself completely every turn. Get the spell "Filthipint" and just spam that to victory really. You can do around 1k dmg a turn to the boss, you can kill his friends when he summons them since its aoe. Dont forget two things: EVERY turn you should unbewitch yourself, and also when he applies -100 mp and you are stuck (maybe you want to reach the ghost) pick him up and use the spell which throws you together with the boss. Using these method you should be able to get it. 4. Eni: I tried literally 10 different builds using all items I had on my whole team but nothing worked: tank eni, ranged eni, agi eni etc. Then I found this video which uses an int eni. I literally copied every single move they did on the video and I was able to get it. There are some parts where you might fail; the summons will steal mp so the boss will catch you or you will barely miss blitzing a summon, but in that case just restart until you get lucky. Because if you follow the exact same movements, the boss and his summons etc. will move the exactly same way too. I used full int eni with ivory/abyssal, int bow. Can use coney+rallying word combo to escape -100mp trap. I hope this helps, if you got a question feel free to pm me in-game.
  6. Has anyone got to this step yet? I was able to accomplish it with my Cra and Iop thanks to their burst damage but it feels really impossible to do it with my Eni or Panda, or basically any class that doesn't have a strong burst. I am curious if anybody found some strategy that helps.
  7. I have an important question, I saw a straw poll about the classes on Reddit. Somebody else linked a french one (which had like 2k+ votes, compared to 100 votes english one) Are we going to use a single server with all other communities? I think that will really ruin the experience for us. I used to really enjoy Oto Mustam but got bored because of the same reason, the majority was French which I don't understand.
  8. Azaknami

    Solo player server launching in October

    I am sorry but in a FAQ about this server they said that there will be no transfers. I think this is really fun because 1) people with 2bk won't ruin the economy and 2) you can start fresh without feeling the pressure of rushing to 200. Im excited :)
  9. Azaknami

    korri souls leeching service

    I don't understand why you made the payment plan so complex? The price changes on both the xp earned and # of souls, its weird. Just say x per soul and blabla discount, the xp discounts are unnecessarily complicated.
  10. AP exo Hairsh Bracelet. There is a similar one in market for 30M tho thats not my price... waiting for offers probably around 25M. IGN: Azaknami
  11. Azaknami

    Tell me your ideas for Dofus in 2018

    Are there any news on Spell Points? I heard from some people that they will remove them or change them? Which I think they should... 2 of my single element chars required 45-60 sp scrolls each for utility spells :( Maybe not remove them completely but allow us to get them with doploons or questing etc.
  12. Azaknami

    Tell me your ideas for Dofus in 2018

    There are some really good points here, but I wanna add my thoughts into some: 1. Locking Items: is really good, but I have another idea to solve the problem of picking items back from your bank. Two new slots of inventory (like equipments, resources, etc.) and they are idols and gadgets. Idols part is self-explanatory, and the gadgets would hold Xelorium time-winding clocks, Sufokia propellers and new gadgets to come. Or alternatively we can have a "Locked" item slot, where we can put all types of items that won't go to Bank. 2. Cosmetics: New costumes/cosmetics area always good, but I think separating them into sleeves, pants etc. would make it really messy, we would probably have to grind resources for each part etc. Though I would want more crafted harnesses and costumes through handyman and tailor (like the Foggernaut Harness, we can have a special harness/costume for each area which wants resources from that specific area). 3. Kolossium: I think ISK needs more rewarding, right now I do Kolossium for fun but there is no way a person can actually grind himself SP scrolls etc. through it. Maybe there could be a win-streak bonus or a Kolossoken bonus depending on your rating (3500-4000 rating gets +50 Kolossoken per win etc.) or like others said, a seasonal ranking prize. 4. Idols: I really agree we need more idols. I like the 508 where you play around ranged/mp red. comp but we need a rewarding idol "combo" for a melee and mid ranged fight comp. (Maybe an idol only works when you are between 5-10 cells from your target for mid range etc.) NEW CONCERN: Teams, I use a team myself but having one should be a choice not a must. Two things: there are too many group fights in quests (Srambad, im looking at you), game should give you NPC-sidekicks in group fights if you don't have people with you. Also the amount of resources required for a single item, most sufokia items want 70 to 90 of resources, is way too much. I know they are easy to farm with 508 etc. but for a single accounter its unrealistic to grind that much for a single item.
  13. Azaknami

    B> MP Barbring