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    Long story short I am a long time player of Dofus (I miss my damage sadi..) but have been away for a few years (again, I miss my damage sadi.. xD) and need a bit of help. Recently I have been thinking about returning since subscribing is made about five hundred times easier for me with Dofus having been added to Steam finally and a few of my old friends have expressed interest in returning, the main problem that I am having is that it seems like my main gathering profession (Farming) is a bit... Terrible.. At least when it comes to making Kamas and I have no idea where to start anymore when it comes to getting back into the game. I feel like I used to be in a decent position to farm resources from mobs and the like but this is no longer the case apparently and if my profession isn't able to help make up the difference until I've got a decent set to work with then I'm stuck. There also seems to be fairly few people playing (I'm on Rosal and hopefully the server merge will aid in this) at least in the areas that used to be fairly populated when I played and information is as difficult as ever to find when it comes to using the Wiki (outdated,) the official forums (they've always been dead-ish,) or other sources. I feel lost and have no clue what to do, I want to play but I'm basically back to square one (in total my bank is worth about 5-7mk and from my understanding that isn't a lot anymore. xD) Also, if you wish to talk to me on Rosal the character I'm using is named Tionth, feel free to message/add me if you would like.