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  1. What I have: 199 int rogue 199 str sadida 16X wis panda (in training atm, not sure about the element yet) What I want: 3 new accounts. I’m considering Masq, Feca, Cra, Eni, Enu, Sacrier or Xelor. Goal: Complete independency in PvM. I would love to be able to finish all dofus questlines, Frigost, Dimensions without any outer help. Leaning Toward: The team is going to be played by two players, so I am really interested in Feca (but I am not sure whether it will be helpful enough) while my friend is keen on Masq and Xelor. None of us actually wants Eniripsa, but we’re quite afraid that Sadi’s heals won’t be enough.
  2. Hello, whoever is reading this! At the moment I'm trying so hard to reach level 200 with my friend and do it all without *slightly unfair* help of leeching. Even though we both have ~500 wisdom, grinding mobs seems pretty slow. We're currently at level 195. We were roaming through the whole map, trying to find some spots that would suit our needs perfectly, but mobs seems to be too easy and not rewarding or too strong with battles lasting up to 15 minutes. So we're kinda stuck, as finding a huge team consisting of hitters and leechers is not really our cup of tea. What makes the game more enjoyable is developing your character by yourself. That's why I'd like to ask you for a piece of advice about some good spots that 19X rogue and sadi could benefit from. We're much more into quicker fights. Can you recommend anything that we perhaps have missed? Also, we eager to finally get some idols, but all those synergies and stuff is a little bit too much for me so I don't really know if there's a particular set that we could use. Sadi is ranged, but I work in mid-range so the basic ranged set isn't really that matched to our playstyle. What would be good/suitable for us? Thank you in advance and sorry for being such a noob :x
  3. Hello, I am wondering whether should I start doing Eternal Harvest quest as I am willing to get another Dofus in my hands (currently I am owner of Crimson and Turquise only). The questline with all those souls seems like really exhausting way to go, but maybe the egg is worth the burden. As you have to pay for each soul stone, it seems pretty kamas-demanding. So my question is: Is it financially worth to do this omnious quest or it's not worth the whole effort and buying it (and not spending kamas on souls)? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, quick question here. How and where do I exchange piwi feathers for Piwi Pets? Thank you in advance ^^
  5. Hello players. I've decided to add new character to my little team (consisting of Rogue and Sadi atm), as title says - Pandawa. Unfortunately I have zero experience with the class and I know nothing about its builds. I would be really grateful if you could tell me a little bit about each of elements - it's features, pros and cons, expensiveness. I'm going to focus on PvE. Thank you in advance, any help would be awesome! ^^
  6. Thank you for response! I've been considering Panda, Enu and Cra honestly so I think my way of thinking was correct. What is Danzal btw?
  7. What I Have: Acct1: 18x Int Rogue Acct2: 18x Str Sadi What I Want: Number of New Accts: 2 Goal: A four-account team being able to do end-game dungeons (after hitting 200lvl or sth), doing Dofus Quests on my own etc. Leaning Toward: Perhaps something that would cover all elements. I am not really sure what the actual team lacks as I don't really know end-game content. Any class that isn't Iop, Eliotrope, Ecaflip would be cool. Thanks for any advice in advance ^^
  8. Hi! Dofus is a big part of my life for many years so I've decided to honor this whole universe with a tattoo on my body. I have plenty of ideas, but still feel like I can find some inspiration. I'd like to have something cute and iconic; gobball, tofu, maybe a blop. So here is my question! Do you have any ideas, inspirations or artworks that would look stunning? Or perhaps you are an artist who would like to collaborate? :3
  9. Hi! I'm playing my brand new character (Rogue obviously) who is 15Xlvl. He is full int and always fighting alongside Str Sadi. We're focusing on pve and dungs mostly. As reseting stats is so easy at the momemt and I have to get some new gear in +/- 15lvls, I am considering the change of my element. So I am wondering whether I should stick to int, make a hybrid or change my build completely. My experience with Rogue isn't that good and I don't really know what aspects of particular elements are crucial. So here is my main question, could you tell me a little bit about each of builds and it's pros/cons? I'd like to cover more than one element so Str wouldn't be perfect option. Although Sadi can switch aswell if we would benefit the most. Thank you in advance <3
  10. Hello. Me and my friend are willing to expand our team. We play one acct per head right now and we have decided to play 2/2, as one team. So, we have some experience with all the "old" classes, but learning new ones may be rewarding. However, we are poor AF. For some reason we were just not made to make kamas ^^" Our purpose and plan is written down here: What We Have Acct1: 17x Int/Str Osamodas (more int) Acct2: 13x Str Eca What We Want Number of New Accts: 2 Goal: A team with not hyper-expensive gear which is able provide some dungeon-runs, make kamas. Doing the hardest of dungs is not necessary, we are not so "pro" anyways. We want to complement our team with one ranged character (able to hunt those who stand behind and run away) and the other one - probably a map manipulator or high burst of damage (i suppose you know better which class would fit the fourth place). Team consisting of all four elements would be nice (we can rebuild ecaflip if necessary) Leaning Toward: All the classes (exept Eliotrope, we don't really enjoy him), but we considered Enutrof as the class that will provide some drop. It's just a thought of average player :) Also Cra. Xelor, Pandawa, Sram, Masq and Rogue deserve a highlight.
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