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    Cosplay, donuts, cats, and engineering artificial organs... reality is sometimes weirder than fiction.

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  1. The artist you referenced ( silveyn.tumblr.com ) opened up commissions just recently! Considering her work quality, they're pretty well priced. Now might be your chance.
  2. I don't know about you, but I was disappointed the first time I went to the stud farm. So, so disappointed. I probably would have had this comic up sooner, but I merged the foreground and background line work by accident, and then had to individually add tones to each panel, instead of just once.
  3. I'm working on a big project of a TWO page comic right now, so I figured I'd post this black and white while I make progress. I wanted a pun for this, but it was hard to come up with engineering puns.
  4. I will still love you, as your stalker.
  5. I can't believed I colored this myself. It took forever, but it was a gift for someone, so I had to finish! Anyways, not a comic for once. Rosal, the protector of Maysial and flower enthusiast.
  6. Happy 2018 Imps Community! I had no internet or TV for three days, so I worked on more stupid comics! While officially voting is still going on, I think we all know who is going to win the Mister World of Twelve.
  7. Hello! While I'm working on more comic strips, I'll take a few sketch requests if anyone's interested. I'm starting to get rusty and I have a bit of time, so if anyone would like a sketch let me know and send some references :)
  8. Yay! It took me forever to finish, mostly because I over-tone everything. I really need to learn not to want to add so much to simple comic strips.
  9. You've seen him before, and you'll probably see him again. This came from a conversation that some classes on Dofus are more difficult to make to look fancy than others because they never wear shirts or shoes. So I was like "what if a Sacrier had his tattoos in the shape of a tuxedo?" and this came to light. Line art by me, the fancy colors by Caps!
  10. Oh boy! Time for another collaboration piece. This time featuring the bold thieves we all love to use to blow up stuff! Just remember to keep a safe distance when doing so. Thanks again Caps for the great color work!
  11. Rich people. With that much kamas, your Sram should have a truffle hat instead of a mushroom.
  12. Hooray! Next collab. piece is ready! I don't know why I particularly enjoyed drawing this one. I am sure it has nothing to do with the ABS. Good job Caps giving them more definition. Anyways, who's thirsty?
  13. Again, no collab. work. I figured I would show you all how rough these sketches are before they get chopped up and used as comic backgrounds. Serious respect to the artists who render the backgrounds and textures on Dofus I: even just simply sketching them is killing me.
  14. Sorry, not a collab. piece this time, but it sure did take long enough! It's hard to find references. Anyways, this comic is dedicated to the fact it really bothers me that people don't face NPCs or even stand near them when they talk to them. I don't know why it bothers me but it does! Does everyone do this?! You know who you are people!
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