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  1. Okay, as much as, I still do want to try it out. I am more and more starting to see what everyone else has been complaining/worried about. The game is more and more, beginning to look like more of those terrible mobile games more so, then an actual mmorpg. I do love the fact that it will be played across all platforms and I don't mind the mobile portions having specific content they can only do on that operating system but it is kind of scary, beginning to see so many "mobile" elements into an mmorpg, rather than the other way around of an mmorpg fitting that mobile niche.
  2. I'm super excited for this! I want to try it out so bad. Would love more information / gameplay. Both work for me! :D
  3. The name of the Dofus 3.0 game will be Dofus cube?
  4. DOFUS 3.0 !??

    Does anyone know if this game is still coming out??? Has the name change been decided?? Any more news??? ANYTHING???? :C
  5. Will Dofus 3.0 be similar to Wakfu/Dofus in terms of content and combat system? Or is it going to be castle clash??? Because there are rumors going around, in the streams I watch that it's just going to be similar to those terrible mobile games like castle clash (no offense, if you actually play it........)
  6. Waiting for more information on Dofus 3.0 :(