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  1. Hello guys and girls! I haven't been playing Dofus in over 1 year, but I like all the new updates they made and upcoming updates, so I want to give Dofus a shot again. I want to gear my level 200 Eni and Cra. I tried to ask around the world what the current meta was, but I just got troll answers. Both chars will be used most in kolo but PvE too. Budget dosen't matter. Can someone help me with either sets or just tell me what stats i should focus most on? I can't figure out if eni is omni or if something else is better.
  2. Hello. The last couple of week i've been trying to open Kralove dungeon on Echo server without any luck, so now I thought i would try to write here and hope people would help. I'll be trying to open it this saturday (4/11-2017) around 19-21 (Paris time). If you would like to join you can write your ingame name here and i'll pm you on saturday. :-)
  3. Hello. I'm looking for the last souls for my Ochre. I need these: Step 26: Arachma the Greek Step 27: An Eternal Harvest Pandaltry the Unknown Step 28: An Eternal Harvest Rattle the Hummer Step 29: An Eternal Harvest Ghostabrava the Tourist Step 30: An Eternal Harvest Booty the Beast Step 31: An Eternal Harvest Piralhaka the Intimidator Step 33: An Eternal Harvest Edvushmunch the Screamer Price is hard to say, but comment here and we'll talk.
  4. Hello. I'm looking for someone to sell me the arch's from An Eternal Harvest quest. I got The first 6 steps (20-25), so i just need all the last steps. I can pay you my Orche + kamas or just kamas. I'll be paying 40mk for the last stephs or Orche + 5mk. Feel free to write here if you want to talk about the price or something. The first steps (20-25) costed me more than 8mk so i took that off the price.
  5. Hello. I'm buying all the arch monsters needed for Orche quest (step 20 till Kralove). I will pay a Orche or Orche price + 10mk.
  6. Selling my full int/str set Geins Hat - 13 mil Inky veil - 21 mil King Playa Ring (+2% earth res) - 23 mil Bearbaric Band (exo ap) - 18 mil Geins Amulet (exo mp) - 21 mil King Playa Boots - 16 mil Geins Belt - 16 mil I can sell a few pieces but i prefer you buy everything. Check pictures for stats. I can go a little down in price. Write here or PM Znip or Znib ingame.
  7. Can't really make something good out of that :-(
  8. Hello. Im looking for a good cha/agi set for my eca. Currently im str/int, but it's boring af. I tried searching on google and looked if there was any good idea on Dofusplanner but i only would one and i think the one i made is better. I made this but would like to hear if you got something better. I'm doing PvP and PvM but most PvM. https://www.dofusplanner.com/ZiqzD/
  9. Hello. I'm buying a Golden and Emerald Seemyool any levels. PM Znib or Znip ingame. Paying around 5-8mk
  10. 2x wand and 2x tormenting, 1x explo, 2x buring etc. I also need the agi for tormenting.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Well it's first time I'm playing a cra. I just like the agi because of the lifesteal and the fact you can always hit with agi spells in pvp. Strenght is just because of puni. I don't know why, but I don't like chance even tho many people use that int/agi/chance set with a lot of crits. I guess the set i made was the best int/str/agi set then. I don't know how to get the last ap without Jack.
  12. Looking for a good str/int/agi set for my level 200 cra. The best i could mix together was this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/7SzEk/ I do PvM and PvP but i want to focus most on PvM. I'll try and get around 20 res in every element with some overmaged items. If you got something better or some changes please help me! Thanks in advance
  13. Class: Cra.Build: Str/Int/Agi.Kamas/time available: 200-400mkCurrent team: Eca/Cra but properly just using my cra.Lvl range: 200.Extra comments: PvP or PvM oriented: Both. Looking for a good str/int/agi set for my cra. The best i could mix together was this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/7SzEk/ If you got something better please help me! Thanks in advance
  14. Hello. Im a omni cra (int/str/agi) but i don't know which shield i should use after the new update. My thought is the four-leaf shield since it gives ranged damage, but what do you guys think?
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