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  1. thanks for the info bee honestly i cant decide between osa or fogger i do like going on to the offense as such fogger would probaly fit more however i also osa's ability to adapt to alot of sitiuations with the ability to absorb one of its summons for certain benefits i'm planning on joining a solo acounter guild as such i'm either going to be solo or with a group of random classes as such would u suggest fogger or osa more?
  2. aziyama

    rogue play

    to get to the class temple i just need to do the discreet arrival quest line correct? also do u know when defuse would be online?
  3. aziyama

    rogue play

    so i was looking to start a rogue however i just wanted to ask the playstyle of rogue at the later levels. i will be playing mostly with my friend who's a panda from what i have seen our main stratagy of killing mobs past level 30ish will be for me to make a bombwall and then having panda throw enemies into that wall and simply using range attacks to kill mobs that stay to far away from panda for him to throw them correct? thanks in advance
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