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  1. Agi Osa Help

    we knew what it was XD but thanks <3
  2. Agi Osa Help

    But it gives 50% of stats to summons, is it really worth that pet for +10 airdmg to summons? Over mp+res% for vit etc
  3. Agi Osa Help

    Hagogoue Root?? lol xD or is there a 200 weapon with 6 summons i dont know about now
  4. Agi Osa Help

    Wonder what gears hes using, its hard to find things like shields/mounts for osa as its built in a unique way to other chars :/
  5. Agi Osa Help

    That's great bro thank you! I've just realized they seem to have changed the Tofu's swap spell to only once a turn globally :O I'm sure before it was once per summon? Do you think this will effect the map manipulation of the Osa much? It feels like a big hit, unless i'm wrong
  6. Agi Osa Help

  7. Agi Osa Help

    Hey anyone out there playing an Agility Osa? I've recently rolled an Osa, as ive been told it can solo pretty high level content, which is great for me (if its true) playing on the mono account server. Im starting the osa from the ground up to better learn the spells and playstyle: What i need help with is building it, im pretty confused how to build these new gen osas. Before we used to pump vit etc rely on summon dmg, but now i heard they take 50% or our stats, so i have a few questions: 1. Is hybrid viable or a waste of dmg to summons, should we focus mono element? 2. I've been told agility is the best for pvm/pvp can anyone confirm this? 3. how to build statwise, which stats should i focus 1-150, then 150-200 etc 4. Any set ideas pre 100, 150, 199 then endgame? Or any other info you feel i need would be amazing! Thanks for all the work you do here, looking forward to some replies <3 Cheers!
  8. Mono to Echo

    Osa , Eca , Fogger, Panda :O SHOW ME THE LIGHT!! Or does this sound too messy with no synergy?
  9. Mono to Echo

    some have mentioned i wouldnt need an eni even at endgame? what are your thoughts on this? and infact adding an osa in its place to be eca, enu, panda, osa. thoughts? Appreciate the reply man
  10. Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    My issue is that i wanna main an eca, but also play with an osa in team haha.............how would life be without the cra? realistically.
  11. Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    Sorry to keep piling on additional questions, but ..... When and what was the dungeon nerf, could you elaborate? (ive been away a few years) Also when looking at a team (4 man) im really trying to create a balance like, heavy hitter, mp rape, can unbuff, heal and can stand ok in kolo at the same time, its difficult juggling them all. I know you hate to say there is one optimal team, but ill change the question, could any of these compositions manage to do the content? I really want to main an eca if its possible, as im interested in the pushback capability at endgame. Eca, Enu, Panda, Eni? (then im sad face because no osa) Eca, Osa, Panda, Eni? (sad face no mp rape?) this is my dilemma when trying to decide on teams......... help me sensei AND ive just realized you never included an Eni in your compositions....really we can play without one now?
  12. Mono to Echo

    Oh isn't enu kinda key? with panda, eni, eca we lack any mp rape, is it important as much as before? before it was very important in pvm
  13. Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    Excellent concise answer! thank you. Can osa also go hybrid? or should they focus in 1 element? Im unaware of how much stats actually directly effect summon dmg, so im not sure if going hybrid etc is worthwhile or not (but i do fancy using toad in other situations for higher dmg, aswell as the tofu play)
  14. Mono to Echo

    Oh damn! How could i forget the precious panda <3 ok got it, hmmm what do you think for 4th........Would osa be compatible? Hell i just wanna try them out, they look so cool at lvl 190 lol.
  15. Advice For Certain Classes for Dungeons

    ^ would like to know too :)