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  1. Either classes have synergy or they dont, it cant be created. Can i get a better answer than this generic "everything is fine" comment.
  2. 4 Man TeamIop Panda Osa SramHow viable is this team as a PVM team for doing content from 1 through to 200.Would I encounter any issues with this composition? Or do you think it would hold up pretty well?I was thinking to make the Osa the designated healer, unless Panda is the better choice for that? Other choices i would consider - Changing Sram to Masque, or the Osa to a Masque, but would prefer to keep the first mentioned team if possible. Thanks everyone
  3. Hey guys, wanting to get stuck into Dofus Retro. Having trouble deciding on a 4 man team as I've forgotten key classes for 1.29 pvm. Desirable classes are Eca (rekop) Iop (class boots) and i understand i shouldn't be using both in a 4 man. Altough i did consider eca, cra, eni, iop so all chars can benefit from +range, but i wont have any debuff or map manipulation....so was worried i wouldnt get far. What do you guys think for a solid 4 man? My other thought was maybe eca, cra, eni, panda. Or Iop, sac, panda, eni. Idk how important eni is either.
  4. As title says, selling this lvl 200 ring with perfect res% and exo maged AP. It still has the range and all other stats, well maged. Message here or ingame to Hoodoo on the ECHO server. Thanks guys
  5. power creep with shields? idk what this means btw ive been playing since and im finding elio REALLY hard work lol, i just cant work the thing out
  6. sorry i gotta ask haha, why no wrath? ive been away from dofus for a while. is their some better spell combination now?
  7. Great advice, ill try with eca full chance as you suggested and perhaps look into an enu if i ever reach that endgame tier. My final question would be builds? Eca as you mentioned chance. Iop im guessing would be full str for wrath through portal finishes? Eni full intel? Elio and Panda im unsure, could you suggest Really appreciate all this
  8. Thanks alot man for the reply again. Yes its gonna be 4 man, maximum 5 no bigger. Saying Eca as 5th helps as i usually main an eca. Although do u think mp reduction would be an issue with this composition or not?
  9. appreciate the reply. So do you think that 4 can clear the content well? Also if you absolutely had to add a 5th man to that setup, which class and why?
  10. My team(4 man): Acc1 free Acc2 free Acc3 free Acc4 free What I want: To clear pvm content in a stable way as im playing heroic permadeath server. Accounts: 4 Goals: Want to at least be confident to try frigost 3 dungeons. Note: Classes i like- Sadi, Osa, Eca Classes i dont- Hupper, Feca, xelor, ougi I'm open to using a rogue or elio. Elio is intriguing, although alot of ppl posted a meta team including elio+rogue, i just dont understand how that works at all. I'm open to learning either Elio or Rogue. Elio feels a bit more direct, which is more my style. Overall im happy to play any 4, the feeling of achievement is in completing the dungeons, not so much playing the classes on this kind of server. Looking forward to some replies! thanks
  11. we knew what it was XD but thanks <3
  12. But it gives 50% of stats to summons, is it really worth that pet for +10 airdmg to summons? Over mp+res% for vit etc
  13. Hagogoue Root?? lol xD or is there a 200 weapon with 6 summons i dont know about now
  14. Wonder what gears hes using, its hard to find things like shields/mounts for osa as its built in a unique way to other chars :/
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