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  1. Rayish

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    It's more awesome than the treadfast amulet you posted
  2. Rayish

    Laptop for multi

  3. Rayish

    Selling Ivory Dofus

    Why would someone pay 100 mk if price is 90 or even less, aytizmik
  4. Rayish


    I was pretty unlucky with casual ap/mp exos but when it comes to putting back mp/ap on item that has like 3%/100vita and such overmage it fails like 3 times in a row every time i want to put it back on, i just have the feeling that it's not the same anymore, feels like they changed something without telling us.
  5. Rayish


    Hello homos and girls, i have been maging quite a lot in last 2 years, in last few months i have noticed that its way harder to stick ap mp exo or back on the item after exoing for example %res. I have talked to few more maguses and they feel the same. Is it just feeling or did they change chances of high sink runes landing?
  6. Rayish

    b> ivoire 33m

    Im selling one for 19m, pm outgame or pm on messanger
  7. Rayish

    The Mean Ol'Witch of the East [BUG?]

    That might be the case, thanks a lot for help! Can be closed
  8. Hello, im currently doing quest "The Mean Ol'Witch of the East" for turq dofus, im at the last step where it says i have to talk to Meriana again, when i talk to her my quest doesn't update and i have done all previous steps obviously. Did anyone have the same problem?
  9. Rayish

    Trade rhinos

    Not intrested, sorry
  10. Nice cyberbully bodyshaming, ban pls
  11. Rayish

    Ebony Dofus speculation

    Plural of Dofus is not Dofus or dofuses, its Dofusteuse, smh.