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  1. Perfect, 19 dmg, 11 mp res
  2. Rayish

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    whats so amazing about this, its missing ap pls
  3. Rayish

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    I don't have any proof but you guys are all bad and scammers !!11! all of you are many scammers !11!!
  4. Rayish

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    large amount of saltiness in here
  5. Rayish

    Echo or Mono

    If you can take these frenchies spamming french on every chat than go mono, otherwise come echo for full England experience
  6. Rayish

    Transendence Runes

    Cant overmage on already overmaged item
  7. Rayish

    Transendence Runes

    Does anyone have any facts about these 100% success runes, can you overmage with them? With my experimenting on beta i've come to that you can overmage with new runes only if the stats that you wanna overmage doesn't already exist on the item. Example: Overmaging 20 int on Stalak shield. If anyone has any facts about these runes pls share. eksDE
  8. Rayish

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    Rest in peace
  9. Rayish

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    Not saying that it's right thing to do by killer but sharing account is always a risk so no1 to blame but yourself for taking the risk.
  10. Rayish

    B> Skull crusher, shadow helmet

    paying 100 mk millions kamasas of kamas
  11. Rayish

    B> Skull crusher, shadow helmet

    Bump, paying very many good price