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  1. Obtaining the crown

    Damn, i really hoped that my favorite vegan number 1 masq ( Persona ) will take over the lead of imps :(
  2. Buying MP Allister's Crown

    Normal/ good stats goes for around from around 17 - 20
  3. Buying MP Allister's Crown

    Lowballer alert
  4. Bump, his merchant is on %pos% he lowered the prices!!11!
  5. S> Ivory

    pretty sure i saw few merchs yesterday with ivory for around 12x mk
  6. Meno/Kout Dung Achiv Leech

    As very high reputation player Rob said, very good service. I called him yesterday and he fixed my internet problems in just few mins. 10/10 service
  7. [S] AP and MP inky exos, near perf

    Cuz it doesnt say maged by Animuffin
  8. Looking for whale dung leech

    Found someone, can be closed
  9. Willing to pay around 2-2.5m pm ingame: Veis
  10. Catseye leech

    Done, can be closed!
  11. Catseye leech

    Looking for someone to leech me thru catseye dung, just casual run. Pm ingame: Veis, with your price Paying 69m ( Wrote price just so i dont get commented by mods about their guidelines )
  12. Gift Code Scam

    A wise man once said: "If you are dumb enought to get scammed, you deserve to be scammed."
  13. Ily dung leech

    Can be closededed, HUGE thanks to mr. Mochio
  14. Ily dung leech

  15. Ily dung leech