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  1. What I have: Acc1: Sacrieur 200 Acc2: Feca 200 Acc3: Panda 200 Acc4: Eni 200 Acc5: Iop 200 Acc6: Sram 200 What I want: No new accounts A team to be able to do most/all dungeons. Sac+Feca must stay. Need 2 acc more for 4 man team. Cheers!
  2. hello, I would like to know if it is worth coming back and how it is worth it for which server? remind you that I have been playing around 2 years ago. Regards
  3. Choose a Rushu server. Add me: Majko see ya in game
  4. Majko

    Idol setup

    Hello, Today i have a small question. Best combine idols for a huppermage? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm now lv 15X hupper. Have a few question: 1. Looking for some XP places/dungeons( without frigost /caina ~for a str/int build. Prefer mostly solo or with side kick. 2. Place where i could collect mats for proff.
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