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  1. Cheers lol, Totally forgot about that room
  2. I have just finished all the 3 subquests for my rank 5 order quest (Bleeding heart). Now the last step is to talk to Djaul at the Tower of the Brakmarian Orders, but he is not here. I have ran through the building 3 times and looked everywhere but he isn't here. Could someone please help and explain this? Cheers!
  3. Samee

    NEW IOP?

    Hi! Thanks for your reply.I am mainly going into pvm so is Str/agi good for pvm aswell? Or is that just for PvP? :)
  4. Samee

    NEW IOP?

    Hi there! I was wondering, are str iops the new meta? I see alot of people changing from a str/int iop to a pure str iop. I recently came back to dofus and i want to know what to get :P Cheers!
  5. Hi there! I was wondering if there is anyone that leeches people through nidas 300+ idol score, Just doing it for that Exp Willing to pay! Cheers!
  6. Class: IopBuild: Str/agi or Str/int Dunno?? (Or maybe Str/cha, Agi/cha??)Kamas/time available: 40-50mkCurrent team: SoloLvl range: 199Extra comments: Hi all, I am looking for a set for my new iop that i started, i just came back. and i was wondering if after the new update, Str/agi the new meta is or that if Str/int is still the best. I want to be able to do most high end dungeons and lots of quest fights etc, so no PvP :p. I already have Crimson and Turq so if that is needed in the set you don't have to count that kamas with it. Thanks for the help in advance! Cheers
  7. Class: IopBuild: Str-int or Str-agi maybe? dunno whats betterKamas/time available: 30mLvl range: 130-140Extra comments: Hey! I need a PvP orientated set. My Iop is lvl 135, I am mostly going to do 1v1/3v3 Koli's I can take in Crimson dofus aswell, Thanks in advance!
  8. Class: EnuBuild: I dunno whats best for pvm Kamas/time available: 30-40mCurrent team:Iop,ElioLvl range: 199Extra comments: Hello, I am looking for a set for my Enu. I am mostly doing pvm, I need a enu with high mp reduc to do lots of high end dungs. :P
  9. Hi mate, I was wondering do u leech meno blitzkrieg+limpwrist? For my iop and elio (Iknow u say that u dont leech this dung but i was wondering if u do it with iop/elio tactic) :D
  10. Class: Elio (PvM)Build: AgiKamas/time available: 30m Is max (Excluding AP Bearbaric wedding ring)Current team: Iop and eniLvl range: 199Extra comments: I got a AP bearbaric wedding ring so i would appreciate if someone could make a nice set for my 199 elio around it.
  11. Class: Elio (PvM)Build: AgiKamas/time available: 30m Is max (Excluding trophys and mount)Current team: Iop and eniLvl range: 199Extra comments: I need a set for my 199 elio it has to be a max of 30mk and decent aswell. Im gonna use it to do alot of endgame dungs etc with my team so i need a set PvM build.
  12. Class: EniBuild: Int/Cha? (idk what works better for pvm?)Kamas/time available: Max 20mkCurrent team: Panda/IopLvl range: 199Extra comments: I need a decent set for my eni lvl 199 i am planning to do all end game dungs and i can't wait to reach lvl 200 so imma just begin rn. ( I dunno which build to use i need decent hits and decent heals)
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