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  1. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you're both trying to say, perhaps I didn't explain why I did it in the first place. I had some free time and someone ask me to make a sink calculator that could display the sink, with the maging process results displayed on screen. I did it because I was bored, and then I shared it there. I understand that most of you are practicing maging a lot and you'll probably don't need that kind of cheat sheet. And I know that google sheets isn't very "user-friendly", but unless Dofus let us implement our "mods" (a boy can dream) I couldn't find a better solution. Maybe I can create a online tool where you just copypaste your results in the smithmaging window and then it analyses the string to compute the sink but again I don't know if that would be very time-saver. I just thought some people, even if they are 2 or 3 of them out of thousands, might want to gie it a try, so I posted it. But if you have any thoughts about how it can be improved, feel free to ask, I still got a bit of free time anyway :) Many thanks!!
  2. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    It's ok I understand. Well I wanted to get back into it and I wanted a tool to display the sink. I'm not an expert magus but I understand how the basic maging works, so I made that, posted it on the dofus reddit, and since I didn't have any negative answer about that, I thought it was accurate. Boy I was wrong, 60% of the rune/carac weight I found online were incorrect ... Should be fine now, except for the negative stats thing I didn't know about!
  3. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Hi there You have to make a copy of it in the google sheets. Should be at the topof the page.
  4. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Yes, that was the table I was looking for ! I'm updating the sheet atm, I'll take those in consideration. Didn't know about the negative stats stuff either. Anyway, thank you both for this! EDIT : As you probably noticed, i haven't done item maging in a while !
  5. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Hi, and thanks for the feedback :) I'll try to take in account all of what you said here. And ofc i'm targeting "new" magus, since i'm pretty sure every experienced magus is able to do it "in your sleep" ;) I posted it on reddit at first then someone ask me to post it on imps since it might be useful for other people. I never (willingly) claimed it was my own values of rune weight, but I admit I had some troubles finding decent official-ish values. I'll update it this afternoon to correct the mistakes (even though you guys might not need it ^^) Thanks for the answer!!!
  6. Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Hi there, I created an account to share this with you lads, hope it'll be helpful. Read the instructions and make a copy of the sheets ! If you have questions or w/e, ask away. As @ReaperSurm mentionned, this is probably for beginners that want to put a number on the "+sink/-sink" https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u_mnqnOdYt3gwUVMryOJD_c5bBAc75IFALQEbOAPVwo/edit?usp=sharing EDIT : Weight updated. Many thanks to @EUPHORIA and @ReaperSurm for the heads up !!! EDIT2 : Minor text fix (Loss > Sink added) EDIT3 : Changed the placeholder examples to @ReaperSurm examples, and it displays the correct sink. Hope it works fine now! Thanks for your wisdom, magus friends <3 I'll try to figure out the special cases of negative values