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Extraterrestial Annie

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  1. Wand Carver (found one)

    I'm looking for a level 100 wand carver and magus on Henual. I need a Xyothine crafted and maged. IGN: Extraterrestial-Fay
  2. DofusGo

    Open grave [-23,-60] Not sure where in that map but the game considered that map correct. My guesses are the plank marking unnamed grave or the whatever thingy behind the tree, between the ruins on the left side of the map.
  3. Void

    Currently level 40 (finally) and 53 members with average of 107. Still alive.
  4. Void

    Can't say I know anyone looking to swap kamas at the moment.
  5. Void

    Finally, the day all of you have been waiting for has come and Void has returned. What? Of course we never left but that's not the point. Okay, fine, I took a little break. Anyway: The guild is still led by Exp-Svp (Haxr) and Extraterrestial-Ada (Me!!!) and we currently have a total of 57 members with average level of 99 and the guild itself is level 43. So we have plenty of room for your mains (and your alts if you like) of any level as long as your english is at least remotely understandable. For your very own invite pm Extraterrestial-Ada or Komachi. Update: Lost some people. Haven't checked my pockets yet.
  6. [Henual] Void

    Namely there can only be one. I picked the name for the guild while he picked the emblem.
  7. [Henual] Void

    Can't remember asking for 1vs1 so I assume you're not referring to me. I am often curious why people leave tho. xD
  8. [Henual] Void

    Update: Still active, level 31 with 67 members and average level of 73.
  9. [Henual] Void

    I would say that Feca and Cra are both a bit late blooming, therefore Sacrier would help you get your Feca to 70 quicker. On the other hand then your team would consist of 2 tanks with perhaps not that much synergy since Sacrier often needs to take damage to cause more of it. I've no idea how the activity is around village. I've been running blop and Wa's castle lately. Also update to guild stats: Guild is now level 27 with 67 members and average level of 66. Even though we're full we may be able to make space for new players if someone would like to join. :)
  10. [Henual] Void

    You're very welcome to join us. When you hit the level, just pm Extraterrestial-Lea or Haxr for invite. You can also join our Discord via the link provided in the original post. Guild status update: Guild is now level 25 with 63 members and average level of 67.
  11. [Henual] Void

    Still active with level 23, 63 members and average level of 59. If someone wants to join, we'll see if there are inactives we can kick to make space for active players.
  12. [Henual] Void

    Update: Guild is level 21 with 49 members and average of 57