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  1. Zechmeister

    Feca/Iop Duos

    Basically you can do most of the duo with any combination, it depends on your gameplay, decision making and versatile. While, the hardcore one you might have to do it with certain classes to make it easier.
  2. Zechmeister

    Spell Variants

    CONEY 2.0 BOIS
  3. Zechmeister

    Post your goals and achievements

    Man you should record the vortex impert tho. I need tutorial!
  4. Zechmeister

    Post your goals and achievements

    Fantastic Five in 24hours ! Maybe I should do some video recording/stream. :P
  5. Zechmeister

    Post your goals and achievements

    Waiting for my Shushivin hats to be tradable on main. ><
  6. Zechmeister

    Post your goals and achievements

    Spent alitons on unnecessary stuff. Order Five yay!
  7. Zechmeister

    Post your goals and achievements

    Illyzaelle (Freedoom) 4 loots without Elio. Erzal fight. Was close one.
  8. I am looking for 4 characters to do erzal fight in lvl99 alignment quest. I have 4 chars, xel, iop, eni and panda. Pm me in game or comment below for time scheduling. Zechmeister.
  9. Anyone know whats coordinate pos for "Entrance to the Princely Crypt? New Sidimote Area messed everything up.
  10. Zechmeister

    Achievement Reminder

    In my opinion, I would recommend that Amakna will be creating a option box which is called Achievement Reminder, where almost similar as challenges in fight. The main reason I would propose this, is because most of the players may not know they have failed the achievement yet they still go on with the fight, after they ended the fight, they didn't know what is the actual reason of failing the achievement. I'd say Dofus can make something similar as Defence of the Ancient (DOTA), League of Legend (LOL), and so forth by giving game replays to players after ended the fight, but this is literally impossible for Amakna team since it requires high-level technology and expertise. For now, I think Achievement Reminder might be useful where players exactly know when the time they failed achievements and make improvements in the next run. Please take my idea as consideration, thank you.
  11. Zechmeister

    Inaccessible of Brakmarian area

    problem fixed after server backup. Probably a glitch.
  12. Zechmeister

    Inaccessible of Brakmarian area

    I am facing an issue where my xelor and eni can not access to Brak area while my panda and iop can make it. Anyone is facing same problem as I do? Any way to fix it?
  13. Zechmeister

    The Ogrines you purchase is no longer available

    Yeah I have sent a ticket to Amakna Support. Just wasted all my kamas because of duplicate buying ogrines because of this stupid error message. Hopefully they will do something.
  14. Have anyone of you experience of buying duplicate ogrines because of this message? Any Mod can explain this issue ?
  15. Zechmeister

    Looking for SIC from Veritas & Cygni

    I don't usually care about how much tips people willing to pay when they asking for a craft, but please do not expect a free craft. Yet your man condemned me for being late to workshop and he said he waited for more than 10 mins which is obviously a lie. Please teach your boy some manner when need someone for help. He even flamed me by asking me to go and learn English and not joining any alliance. He ignored me and it didn't work out, my alts are always ready. I am from Just Do It and I do not need any prism leech like this cunt do.