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  1. You care enough to reply and sure whatever makes you sleep at night
  2. Most items overpriced 20-30m u okay?
  3. Dofus Class:Huppermage Spends more time updating your class on all websites u use than play the game
  4. Ever felt lonely as a disabled kid? ever asked yourself; Wow I wish they were more like me. STOP looking, I’ve found the perfect guild for you, ORPHIC. orphic is part of the grande exalt alliance, which means you’ll get the opportunity to exchange a conversation with one of our "special" human being like Alex, Austin, Kouroch and Callum Q:A - - - - Q: How can I join?? A: Simply pm any of our members in-game and we’ll invite you! Q: What exactly do you mean by "special" people? A: Literally retards, people with special needs. Q: How do you make it in there being the only one normal? A: Ngl they’ve been trying for years to turn me into one of them but my mental is strong Q: Which one, in your opinion, is the most "special" A: That’d be hard to answer because they’re all pretty special in their ways. Q: If I wanna lose brain cells who should I talk to once I join the guild? A: Austin and Alex
  5. none to begin with but you will need alignment quests done at one point to continue.
  6. I'll sell you mine if you're still looking for one
  7. Buying vulbis 290m I am also looking for an e-girlfriend. I am rich on dofus. Love me
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