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  1. Freedom[Alliance]

    i wanted to blaze it longer sadly another guild joined R.I.P 420
  2. Freedom[Alliance]

    UPDATE:New guilds has join arms , our number has increased greatly to 420.
  3. Freedom[Alliance]

    Story Several millenniums ago, the 'Gods of Dofus' constructed an almighty alliance to restore justice to Rushu when evil was at this peak; this guild was called 'Freedom'('Free'). The alliance was able to defeat thousands of opponents in the time it reigned!Till one day an un-named evil alliance approached us in our slumber and trapped us in frigost...Recently the 'Freedom' was taken out of imprisonment by 'Dinz' (The Guild Leader)! Requirements Freedom(Free) is now recruiting new Guilds although there are requirements! -Guild must be active, -Our alliance is a PVP alliance, so you must have a few level 200 hitters in your guild,but that doesnt mean your guild cant have low levels ,Freedom doors are open for everyone. -Must be friendly -Guild must not abuse /a -Must speak English Guidelines Rules of 'Freedom' : -Don't have arguments on /a , if you really need to please use /w, -Must speak 'English' on /a at all times, -You must participate in AvA whenever you're free -Guild must not abuse /a we understand that you want to sell your items but keep the spamm at minimum. Guild's List Donquixote Family[Leading Guild] Donquixote-Academy Black List Fight Night Wrath Black Black Club Avalanche Rakuen For more feel free to pm in game : Dinz
  4. Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa
  5. Donquixote Family[Recruiting]

    Donquixote Family Goals : As the name says itself we consider ourself as a family , The Donquixote family is a guild all about looking out for eachother and helping the family grow stronger. Donquixote Family Requirements: To be part of the family its quite simple you need to be atleast level 120 + ( worry not we have a offer for those under 120 who still want to be part read below) Be Active In Game Be Loyal Follow the rules The most important one is be Fun and Positive. Donquixote Family Rules: Eventhough we're family we still have some guidelines we'd like u to follow so we can have a nice and chill time ;) - No toxic attitude towards family and alliance members. - Please keep ur language civil and don't swear. - Keep provoking and drama to a minimum. - If u're having an argument noone else is interrested in keep it in pm. - Eventhough we're family and we help eachother out please don't spam the /g or /a for help or similar things. that's why we got /r and /b ;) - No money begging (we have the Donquixote Chairty for those kind of stuff) Donquixote-Academy Donquixote-Academy is our second guild,The aim/goal/purpose of this guild is to help NEW players and Low level players to turn into potential dofus players. Beside that.The academy is a preparation scheme for Donquixote-Family. Since the family has grown so large, it is no longer suitable for the main guild to accept lower levels, which is why this guild has been created. Once you reach level 120, you are suitable to join the main guild.Another reason that we formed the academy is because it is much easier if we low levels stick together, we can do lower levels dungs and appropriate hunts. We will still be supported by the higher guild, and they will be taking members from the academy on hunts and levelling expeditions regularly. Donquixote-Charity Charity purpose is to help the Academy and the members that are in need in such as wis gears battle gears and more Main guild members and those from academy who feel like they have to donate some to charity they will donate weekly Kamas/Gears they dont seem to need.The money go directly to the bank of academy and will be given to players in need that contributed for the guild.Players are not forced to donate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also i am looking for 2 more SiC guys and some Recruiting officer to help me out with the job To be a SiC you need to basiclly do the leader job when im not on and try to help both family and academy and even recruit time to time Recruiting Officer to recruit as much as possilbe in his free time to help the family grow But since those are some high ranks i would like to see how trusted the players are and fill an application format below In Game Name: Age: Dofus Knowledge(how long have you been playing and such) Why do you want to join the family: Do you think you are capable of being(SiC/Rofficer): (Please put effort in your application)