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  1. nice

    Huge fan btw.
  2. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Your path has taken an unexpected turn. You remember drinking, a lot of drinking. You wake up with a traffic cone on your head. You toss the sheets off and discover - to your dismay - a gobball lying beside you. No way, I couldn't have... "Don't worry," comes a voice from across the room. You squint as your eyes adjust to the light, a disciple of feca stands before you. "I set her there for your protection," she said, pointing at the gobball in repose, "There were no indiscretions." Thank the gods. "Now," she said, "about that contract of ours." -Who we are- [The Shire] is, first and foremost, a social guild with a focus on having a good time in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. It is also, for those who are interested, one of the few places on Echo where roleplay will be explored and encouraged through guild events. This will be entirely opt in - you needn't participate to be part of the shire, we welcome all kinds. As far as RP goes, Rule #1 is to have fun. If you are new to roleplay and want to give it a try, I will do my best to make it an interesting and rewarding experience for you. There is a creator in all of us, you might be surprised what you can come up with! Aside from the aforementioned, there will be plenty of PvM to be had, and perhaps some kolo if there is interest. The Shire is new, just made the day of this posting! It's an excellent opportunity to find new buddies, expand your social circle, and just generally kick back and relax. Exp contribution will be highly encouraged, but not mandatory. There is no minimum level - I've been playing this game for a good while and there's nothing I love more than helping a day one newbie. Alts are, of course, welcome. Guiding principle of this guild is that Dofus is a game. You are not expected to log in every day, leech people, run dungeons, or do anything you don't want to do. That being said, those who go above and beyond to help guild members will be noticed. Our logo is a compass on an old parchment. Journey before destination. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I can be contacted in a variety of ways. In game: Barley-Maid On Imps: Direct message me. On Discord: Shiiva#6883 Fritztheflayer, Ares-Lars, Talentz, or Alexia-Feca can also invite! Cheers! I hope to see you at the hearth.
  3. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Now a proud member of Integrity alliance. <3
  4. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Had an event last night where we discovered advanced pingwin technology. They didn't want to share, unfortunately. :(
  5. Is a team required to enjoy the game?

    Not sure how I'm supposed to respond. That's patently ridiculous.
  6. Bye

    You will be missed. Was a pleasure playing with you.
  7. Is a team required to enjoy the game?

    Heya! Single accounting is still possible, just need a group of friends or guildies that likes to do stuff together. (The Shire is recruiting) ;o If you really wanna go hardcore on the single account thing, there are mono account servers now. I don't recommend them, though, unless you speak French.
  8. A case of the...

    Welcome back! Lemme know if ya need anything, or take a seat by the fire to get the cold out.
  9. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Recently merged with our friends over at Seppuku Squad. Glad to have more hobbits. ^_^
  10. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Acct1: 200 chance Feca What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: PvM, dungeon clears. Will be my first time seriously dipping my toes into multibox, wanna hear opinions on what pairs well with a ranged feca.
  11. Help me choose class

    Feca is love, and life.
  12. Where is the Feca emote?

    I want it. Have scoured the entire dofus shop, none to be found. Am I missing something?
  13. Where is the Feca emote?

    How often do they change the emotes on offering?
  14. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    Goddess protec you.
  15. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Had our first RP event today, in which some daring adventurers rescued Metamunch Kin's daughter from the lair of the royal gobball. There was much danger, and epic level 20 loot! <3 ~Bump
  16. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    We now have a discord! Feel free to pop on in - open to the public. https://discord.gg/CqCjrVk
  17. Gauge of interest

    I know that the French community had some roleplayers, which sparked the existence of some sorta mercenary faction. Any english speakers interested in roleplay? Or am I hunting unicorns?
  18. Gauge of interest

    Channel chats can always be out of character. As for your other concerns - I've never been one to be the "fun police", although you are right in that some RPers do take that stance.
  19. S> Exo AP Ruskie Hat

    Not the greatest stats, but it's cheap. Asking 8.8m. Is available in tailor's market.
  20. Unless something changed recently, It's the third set piece that invalidates nomad/shaker. Can still wear two pieces.
  21. S>Wedding Ring

    In the jewelers market there is a wedding ring, maged one chance, with my signature on it. Although it is a bit pricier than most wedding rings, this ring comes with the benefit of an S tier waifu. If you present this ring to me, you will gain the hand of Barley-Maid, which confers the following benefits: At minimum, one Barley every day traded to you at your convenience. Excellent sandwiches. The finest Sadida in the land. Wonderful conversationalist. Did I mention she is S tier? Act now, at a mere 10mk this incredible offer is not likely to last long.
  22. S>Wedding Ring

    Barley sat against a tree - exhausted, sweaty, and covered with grime. She'd crawled through a small drainage hole in the cellar, which had opened up to a lake surrounding a tiny island. As she caught her breath, an animated skeleton rushed her, standing over her with brandished blade. Barley curled up, awaiting her fate, when a sword appeared seemingly from the heavens, reducing the skeleton to a pile of bones. "Are you alright?" came a voice. Barley opened her eyes to see a woman standing before her. Though she appeared to be healthy, her waist-length hair was a pale green. She wore a black tunic with a purple cross that ran the length of it - a disciple of Iop, and a mighty one at that. "Where's my mum," Barley asked, hoping to find some way - any way - back home. The Iop shook her head softly. "I can't help you find your mother," she said, "But I can help you find a home." She offered Barley a hand, and soon they were on their way to Bonta.
  23. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    P I N E N U T S I I N N E E N N U U T T S S Bonus pic
  24. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    Having at last harvested the loins of the gobballs, Wool carefully sheared the hairs from them to sell at market. Free enterprise at its finest. Enjoy your milk, Santa.
  25. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Some of the enu nerfs have been reverted, I wouldn't write them off entirely. Barring that, I recommend sadida as they have enormous MP reduction. Best of luck to you o/