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Barley Maid

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Barley Maid last won the day on June 24

Barley Maid had the most liked content!

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    In the barley fields.

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    Barley-Maid, Shoudra-Oakheart

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  1. Barley Maid

    Buying ivory dofus

    To put it more succinctly, post price pls.
  2. Barley Maid


    Congrats all!
  3. Barley Maid

    And I'm back.....

    Welcome back! ^^
  4. Barley Maid


    Had to use a diff image host, or Rob gon' go bankrupt. Part II (cont'd) Me and my partner sometimes hunt jellies. Really useful stuff! I saw something truly magical when I went to Nimaltopia. My worries vanished when I saw this creature, so full of joy and light, frolicking in the meadow.
  5. Barley Maid


    Part II: The Sadi-woah, and the magical unikron she saw that day. At last, A little bit of shade to rest in! Poor Suku needs needs a nap. I wouldn't mind one either, to be honest. Sometimes, after a long day of farming, a bit of time to relax is nice. Hope this thing still fits.
  6. Barley Maid


    Acc nick - Toasterstoasttoast IGN - Barley-Maid Part I: The Fresh Feca of Bel Aire. It says here that the spooky skeleton boss is nearby. I hope he drops some nice gear! Well, no luck there. Guess I will just have to mine for a decent weapon. After many hard years of work, treasure hunts, and conquered dungeons, the feca at last fulfilled her dream. To bee or not to bee? There was no doubt in her mind.
  7. Barley Maid


    (Not an entry) After a hard day's ride, Barley took in the view of Arrak- err, Ohwymi.
  8. Barley Maid

    The Stubbyobs

    Reused art and reused animations. Here's hoping the gear is interesting.
  9. Who is your favorite 2hu?

    1. Tamamo-no-Mae


      Keine or Yuyuko probably?

  10. image.pngshes beauty and shes grace

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Quadro


      @Barley Maid hi who's the grill in ur profile pic? asking for my friend for his research

    3. Barley Maid

      Barley Maid

      Some maid who hands out cereals.

    4. Quadro


      *rezips* rip friend's research

  11. Barley Maid

    [Raffle] You & Your Monstrous Monstrosity

    - Walks around with no clothes, healthy body image. - Topknot hairdo in 2018 with no fucks given to what's in style. - Oh and the ghost next to her is cute too. IGN: Barley-Maid Server: Echo
  12. Barley Maid

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    Interesting stuff. Look forward to 1v1 info if you decide to do it. ^^
  13. Barley Maid

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    Why can't I hold all these eights?

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