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  1. Thanks Osama and Elyroth ^_^
  2. Eyyy Quad-get always manages to make me smile :') And thanks Uthman :)
  3. Hey, it's me. Fahd. Previously "Black-Wizard" - Previously "White-Wizard". Just wanted to introduce myself since I am new to Imps Village. (Thank you to the admin who fixed my confirmation mail issue). So I used to play this game about 7 years ago on Solar as a feca "Merlins-Beard" and quit while that account was like lvl 105. Came back on RUSHU and started a fresh account as a huppermage 4 months ago. I gotta say this game has a really nice community which makes me want to continue playing even more - even when I get really bored in game. So this post is basically to say that if you ev
  4. Ayyyy My first Imps Village post. I'd love to do achieves and stuff with you :3
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