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  1. I have no clue how much they actually are since I've been playing in mono server but let's say 37mk ea. Feel free to make an offer if 37mk seems too high. IGN: Sarah-Kerrigan
  2. Ok got everything. Thanks to the people who helped out. Now just Kralove and I'm done.
  3. Heya! I'm currently doing Eternal Harvest and I'm missing 7 archmonsters. I'm looking to either buy them or preferably trade them for some of my doubles. Pm me either here or in game to Sarah-Kerrigan Missing: Bandirty the Messy Dragangora the Softy Tanukhiraru the Gifted Oni'orses the Foolish Follikoko the Tufted Edvushmunch the Screamer Pandipoopik the Wondrous My doubles: Pandora Mopy King Pandora Ghost Tanukouï San Ghost Hell Mina Sewer Keeper Gobballyhoo the Noisy Piwicker the Manly Bakeraider the Tomb Jelleno the Chinny Hunflower the Sinful Gobbalky the Stubborn Karnyona the Rider Vamp the Impalest Snowhitisha the Pure Turture the Hooded Ambushapens the Unlucky Bambottinit the Quiet Wabbin the Wich Bworkoder the Mazter Snappy the Fishfrier Bworak the Bohemian Khameleltux the Tolerant Treekniddio the Needy Amlullabeye the Dreamer Chaferotix the Sixtininth Kirevampiro the Wrestler Lert Macraken the Used Emo Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror Kanniranda the Maniac Pandartmoore the Dogged Dragospel the Black Kannarrie the Reckless Arepotair the Bespectacled Aperobics the Dynamic Ghostabrava the Tourist Booty the Beast Pandali the Surreal Tanukhuina the Drawer Koalarchitect the Balancing Force Koelloggs the Creator Mopfeet the Circular Koalsen the Similar Pandora the Explorer Pandoracle the Opposing Force
  4. A person sold me everything for about +10% of these prices 5476 Wheat 40kk 6920 Barley 100kk 6990 Oats 45kk 6750 Hop 40kk 6610 Flax 50kk 7812 Rye 450kk 7752 Malt 215kk 7716 Hemp 180kk 8946 Corn 370kk 8918 Millet 1.8mk 1546 Nettle 40kk 1398 Sage 80kk 1350 Five-Leaf Clover 50kk 1322 Wild Mint 50kk 1302 Freyesque Orchid 75kk 1292 Edelweiss 150kk 1286 Pandkin Seed 95kk 2556 Ginseng 650kk 2548 Belladonna 550kk
  5. It's on the market for 15.25mk but can negotiate. Pm Sarah-Kerrigan or message me here.
  6. Sold for 13.75mk Pm Sarah-Kerrigan in game or message me here at IV.
  7. The good old days. You willing to upload some videos as well?
  8. EDIT: Sold for 15mk It's in the market for 15mk or PM Sarah-Kerrigan you offers
  9. I have the same problems even when living in EU so your location doesn't seem to matter for this to occur. I'm also playing on 4 accounts.
  10. I noticed the damage preview bug as well but at least for me even if it shows a low number on crit and I do crit, I hit over what the max preview damage is.
  11. True, but they are probably just trying to get some really nice deals and hope for prices to get high.
  12. I don't know about that Ochre seller but % off buying/selling means that someone who wants kamas fast and doesn't want to wait for their items to sell can sell their stuff to these % off buyers for whatever price the buyer is offering, for example 30% off the market price.
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