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  1. You were super fast lol. I think that's the time i need for 4 loot
  2. This is the highest possible score if you don't care about kyoub Or without Kyoub
  3. This is what I use when I can kill the monsters before their turn https://dofusgo.com/app/idols#[21,46,96,20,34,19]. Haven't got anything for higher levels though. = 414 score
  4. Even without playing Sadi, I dislike that Ankama apparently doesn't want to allow players of the same class to effectively team up at all. It's not too bad for most classes but now i feel like having even 2 Sadis in a team would make one of them pretty weak considering the already existing global cooldowns.
  5. Is anyone even using this spell for damage? Tried it once and it just seems like a fast way to kill yourself.
  6. Well, time to get some agility to hit better with the bow. Resistances on the damaging element of the chafers also help.
  7. I'm no Mac user but you could try to use the zip version https://download.dofus.com/zip/mac/ . You would have to redownload after each patch though i guess.
  8. Can confirm pushback still works as Quadro explained. Pushback dmg doesn't fail focus unless you're killing an enemy with it.
  9. Str/Agi Sadi: https://www.dofusplanner.com/dsiaW/ damage could be better though
  10. Guess they just want to make rare food a valid alternative to scrolls :^)
  11. There are way too many seemyools for the rewards though, you can basically ask any seemyool breeder and he will hapilly give you tons sterile seemyools for free. There has to be a wider range of possible rewards imo
  12. They should probably make muldos exchangable for resources to justify the cost of breeding items. Most muldos aren't worth anything at all.
  13. Breeding achievements are at fault. They are just too hard to complete. Thus the market is getting flooded by the mounts of all the achievement breeders.
  14. [23:38] Achievement unlocked: [Undine With Me]
  15. Pet market was just a matter of habits imo but rune market is just necessary.
  16. Buying Second Air Fragment, 1mk IGN: Vendline
  17. https://dofusgo.com/app/idols2#[100,21,20,50,88,96] might still get changed though
  18. Enu: http://dofp.la/UD42Q/ (could have more mp red if you put some points into wisdom) Eni: http://dofp.la/wBwWm/ Hupper: http://dofp.la/NPK0q/ Eca: http://dofp.la/eWTE7/ I only play enu of these classes so there might be better choices.
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