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Periodic Table

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  1. Periodic Table

    Revaluation of the Dofus

    ^This, also B> ice/eme/crimson/ochre/any dofus pm me thanks
  2. Ok Imma kick eni out and get new dog class np thanks
  3. Periodic Table

    Post your goals and achievements

    Yee lemme just open dis shit when prestiges will be introduced :D I'm saving achievs since around 2 months :>
  4. Periodic Table

    Post your goals and achievements

    Ice dofus x8, ggwp
  5. Periodic Table

    Tal Kasha

    They should nerf the dung, not buff it halo? RIP me doing it 8 loot then :s
  6. Periodic Table

    can't see npc text boxes when client is half screen

    >buy second screen >profit
  7. Periodic Table

    Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa!
  8. Periodic Table

    Post your goals and achievements

    Yaay :D 7 dungeons left :)
  9. Periodic Table

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    Can I do it on my phone? I guess I have few minutes at work each day. Though I would prolly work on 200 area mobs/dungs, not sure if I could do a class guide :>
  10. Periodic Table

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Yea you will want to go iop/enu/eni/elio/eca/panda for core, imo these are must have classes for 8 loot endgame. For 2 remaning slots I have xel/sram atm but I change them around with rog/masq/cra. Feca could be a good choice to boost your defense, idk about sadi/fogg/osa/sac/hupper, not sure how good they are in 8 loot. Cheers
  11. Periodic Table

    Tal Kasha

    Yeah but 2x scratch is really hard to control since they start on opposite sides and have diagonal jump, also mob that changes position is annoying. I guess I could blitz boss when it goes vuln so it should be no biggie
  12. Periodic Table

    Tal Kasha

    I saw the screen of 8 loot but has anyone seen video/anything else? I had some ideas but dude finished it in 8-9 turns and I dont have a clue how to do it that fast. Also what is the range that mob attracts on Tal's turn 5 or 6? cheers
  13. Periodic Table

    Post your goals and achievements

    48 Minutes nice struggle there :) Had to quit 8 looting because this dung is so insanely hard 8 loot, anyway yaaaaay :D
  14. Periodic Table

    Kwismas Island

    So anyone organising gate opening on rushu? I mean the quest for achievement. Please do inform me :) I can contribute with 9 accs

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